Arios GNHW/M Wip Phase 2!!

Got back to working on my Arios this evening. Just some little updates and detailing with gundam markers ^^

I used metallic green gundam marker for the clear parts. And metallic red for the clear head piece.

Followed by silver at the back of the clear part.

I painted silver on the head where the clear piece will be inserted over.

Also sharpened the fins the give Arios a more fiercer look. Left side sharpen, right side default thickness.

Removed the seamline at the wings. Finally done with the sanding!!

However, there is some slight decoloring where the seamline used to be.

Tried painting with gundam markers but didn’t turned out as well as I thought. Will redo this again.

Also painted some of the side vents.

Well thats all for the night!

Till the next post!!

42 thoughts on “Arios GNHW/M Wip Phase 2!!

  1. So it is true metallic green turns semi-clear when applied to clear pieces. 😮 Is that the same for metallic red?

    And painting red on dark colors is always a nightmare. I remember screwing up on the wings of my my kerberos bucue. Ended up wasting the whole bottle of red on it lol. Maybe try using the plated silver gundam marker for a base layer before the red might help?

    I like how you try something different for each build and the seamless no paint route gets double thumbs up from me.

    • Oh for red it didn’t really turned out as well for the metallic green, not as clear as I hoped it will be haha!!

      I put 2 layers of white underneath before painting the red. Turns out it became too thick and not to my taste. I might substitute with silver instead like you mention. More testing tonight ^^

      Haha thanks I always love to try out different ways of doing things with less paint. It is easier on the wallet and less harzardous to the environment!

    • Yes its a stickies free build haha ^^ I think I have come to this point where I should move away entirely from stickers already having build so many!!

  2. that slight discoloration now looks like welding marks lol he is developing nicely!
    man i remember painting the clear piece green on my WZC and i touched it before it dried then had to add another coat. now it looks really thick instead of shiny like yours XD

  3. Lol, I must blame giroro for the bad welding!!! Actually some parts didn’t have that discoloration and some parts did, might need to relook it again.

    I painted about 2 layers max. Haha I remember like you when I first tried it I touched it accidentally and had to paint another layer which ended up quite thick!!

  4. I really like the sharpened V-fins, it gives the Gundam a more menacing look. *_* How do you do it? With just sandpaper or do you have equipment?

    I think I might make use of ideas from here for my 00/7S kit. XD Stickers just don’t cut it. Arios is coming along very nicely!

    • What I did for the V fins is wrapping a sand paper on an icecream stick and then sand along the edges. No special equipment this time haha 😀 I think I’ll do a tutorial on that (adds to tutorial list lol..its growing…photoscape, sanding..) You are definitely right, stickers just won’t cut it ^^ Too glossy and makes the kit look toyish!

      Thanks!! Haha man 007s…I think both of us are eagerly waiting to be milked by bandai on that kit!!

  5. For GN condensers, i just use a green highlighter, just like Ngee Khiong. Are metallic green marker’s results better than highlighter? You should try using a highlighter^^

    • haha I tried b4 using highlighter but not to my taste 😀 heh head do to nendo dark side chat room everyone waiting for ya lol

      • I already head there once xD.
        Anyways, the results of metallic green is not bad! I dun have it though…….. My bro has the metallic green, but sangokuden gundam marker green…… Can that be used?

        • What I suggest is try it out on the excess clear sprues first. I don’t have the sangokuden version gundam markers so I can’t really advise u on that ^^

  6. Ah, you did the same trick I always do for my 00 HGs. Meta green on the condensers and meta red on the forehead crystals.

    Looks like your Arios is coming in nicely. =)

    • haha hi five mate! It much easier than whipping out your clear paints (plus I am lazy lol!!) for all these clear parts. I don’t have the metallic blue so gonna have to use paint for the clear parts on the guns.


  7. Come to think of it… I should’ve buy green marker pen as well…. only have red and blue now… I don’t really buy the Gundam marker though, instead I just use the cheap normal permanent marker pen from the stationery shop or just take those from my office… hahahahahaha….

    by the way I’m back and Happy New Year to you bro… maybe we can meet this month end and I can buy you lunch or dinner if you free…. cheers….

    • Haha man, thats a good way to save resources 😀 ‘Borrow’ from office ^^!

      Happy new year to you dude ^^ Of course man! Would love to meet up with ya 😀 Haha when will you be coming into Singapore? Haha don’t have to buy me lunch / dinner!

  8. At first I don’t like Arios. But after seeing so many Arios kits, hey it’s so cool!!
    Luckily I still have something to work on, saved me from buying this one 😀

  9. woooo.. nice use of metallic paint… I might try it for next kit XD,

    yes.. I hate the OOB v-fin… I always sharping it like what I did for my 00 Gundam lol but not as good as you! 😛 nice job!

    Arios is looking good >_< better than mine…. still got lots to work on hahaha.. must work fast!

    *activate trans-am!*

    • Haha thanks!! Its quite easy and fast 😀 But nothing beats gaia paint though. And sanding the V fin was a bitch haha…took me a good 15 minutes plus a huge dust storm!!

      Nah mine is just snap fit plus a bit of detailing its really nothing much compared to what other ppl have done!!

      ‘Trans am + seed mode on!!!

    • Haha if it breaks you just have to call it battle damaged!! But luckily for Arios the fins are actually quite thick ^^ It is the ones on the Rx78 that I am very afraid of sharpening!! That one breaks very very easily!!

  10. Hihi! This is an interesting post. I saw Mr. Katsumi Kawaguchi providing some painting tutorials once at the Gundam Fiesta event. However, it never come across my mind to use markers.

    When you mentioned Gundam markers, are those special markers or any markers are fine? Also, sanding the part. Are you using very fine sandpaper? Wouldn’t sanding cause some scratches to the smoother part?

    Sorry for bombarding you with these questions, especially during my first visit. But I really find this post interesting and I would like to do more to my raw Gundam too. Thanks in advance ;p

    Lastly, thank you for visiting my blog 😉

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