Musha Giroro Complete!

MushaGiroro7Finally managed to grab some time to finish up Musha Giroro. Very fun kit which I enjoyed painting and posing for the pictures. 3 more to go after this. Enjoy the pictures!

MushaGiroro1One thing I really like about this kit is the big right hand of doom.






MushaGiroro8Like all keroro robo kits, they have an alternate mode. Kinda reminds me of a tank.




MushaGiroro12The fun thing about is that you can swap the parts around as the situation calls for it…long range artillery in this case.

MushaGiroro13And swapping around with other keroro kits can produce some interesting combinations.




Thats a wrap for this post. Have a great week ahead!

Till the next post!

12 thoughts on “Musha Giroro Complete!

  1. Actually the kits out of the box by default are quite good. I just used some gundam markers and added a bit of grey and silver to certain areas ^^.

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