HG GM Sniper WIP 2!

gmlegsNow that the top half is done, I turn my attention to the lower limbs. Did some cutting so that I can reinsert the thigh armors back after removing the seamline.

Also thanks to Heathorn for poisoning me with this link for the gm….also do check out his awesome wip of his zeydra..


So I transpire to do something similar but with a somewhat less cutting involved…



Raised the waist joint by about 3 mm and also cut the mid section. The results are not too bad for something simple haha…

gmb4-horzNext up will be the shoulders and some more pla plate spamming πŸ˜› Also I have to deal with that huge gap at the waist now πŸ˜› Well thats all for this weekend! At least I am posting twice a week now haha!


Till the next post!


12 thoughts on “HG GM Sniper WIP 2!

  1. Lol, yeah I can understand, sometimes some seamlines damn hard to remove. I hate those on the weapons the most >_<

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