LBX Phantom and Owein

lbxart12Just when I thought I’ll be done with Little Battler’s Experience or LBX kits for short, here I am with another 2 boxes which I make short work of while watching my son playing his Thomas trains. Also making LBX kits are a much safer choice as the pieces are big and I don’t have to use any tool other than my big fat hands for prying out the pieces.


(Your full fledged Thomas friends, deck in Thomas apparel from top to bottom, could have sworn he was wearing Thomas diapers….and for your info this picture was taken at 11.30 pm…..gwad i sure need sleep..)

Anyway back to blog proper. My previous acquisition hyper function Achilles was from the original Danball Senki series. The current incarnation to date is Danball Senki Wars. This is a bit different from the old Danball Senki where you pit your kits one on one with another challenger. In wars however, LBX controllers are grouped in groups of 3 or 4 tied a certain fraction and fight in a virtual battlefield for control over “Second World”. I managed to catch episodes one to twelve on youtube and kudos to Level 5 studio for creating such an interesting take on this genre. Great story, beautifully designed kits plus decent pricing equals “I must have them on my table!!!”


First up is LBX Owein, gives me the same vibes like the HGUC Doven Wolf. Among all the design in the wars lineup, this one topped way up on my to get list. Will touch up with gundam markers and some left over decals from other kits.

lbxpandl03Next is LBX Phantom. I got this together with Owein and story wise this guy belongs to an unknown fraction. Very boss looking kit I must say. As you have noticed i already used the stickers for him, so won’t be doing any more work on the phantom as it already looks so good out of the box.


lbxpandl02Well just a little short post from me today….hopefully I get to work on them later in the evening.

Till the next post!

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16 thoughts on “LBX Phantom and Owein

  1. I’m watching Wars too! So far it seems like they’re going the way of typical Gundam shows but with Hojou Muraku’s revelation I hope things will change back to something more like the first 2 seasons.

    • so far I have only watch till episode twelve haha where the bandit debuted…man must catch up…
      Great to know another fellow blogger watching this series.

  2. This made me just remember that I still have a LOT of LBX kits to build, let alone get those from Danball Senki WARS. Oh well, better start reducing that backlog.

    • lol didn’t know you collected LBX. Actually they are quite easy to build 😛 I only have one more back log for the lbx…for gunpla…erh one big mountain lol..

  3. Yeah, I bought them because they’re the same height as 1/144 Gunpla so it would fit my collection perfectly. And we share the same backlog problems for Gunpla. XD

  4. Hey Chubbs. First thing I noticed when I read this post is little W, he’s such a big boy now! Is that a Tomica train set? He sure loves Thomas the Train 🙂

    It’s nice that you still have time for your hobby. I’m not familiar with LBX kits but they sure look great. Are they also from Bandai?

    • Hi Xine,

      Wow thanks for dropping by! Yep they are from Bandai but haha its been a long time since I have touch a model kit. Been switching into Lego for sometime ^^.

      • wow. din expect a reply! hahaha. tako and i were flipping thru our blog like an old photo album. HAHA. time files man. wad a big boy now!! no worries, life caught up with us as well.. ^^ been packing and preparing to move all our collection to our new house next year. we’ve been secretly hoping we’d might brush pass you whenever there’s an anime event. lol. well, take care bro. good to see you ard. =)

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