HG GM Sniper Wip 5

Sorry for the long absence, my father in law had a major heart operation and thank goodness he has stabilized. Been busy with shuffling from work and the hospital, on top of a son that latches to me the moment i step through the door. Most likely i’ll probably miss the deadline for the group build but still i’ll finish up the gm and not let it go to waste ^^.

So far been toying with this idea of adding a movable shield to the gm. Not only will this improve the survival rate of my lone GM

shield1“Planning on paper saves tons of time!”

shield2Might or might not do this depending on my time. Based on Jesta’s shield design as a guide. Probably will pick ver 1.

gmwip5-1After fiddling with left over parts and pvc joints, i came up with a somewhat decent looking joint. My first time doing something like this so it might not look the part, but heh at least its working haha..

gmwip5-2This is a break down of the parts.

gmwip5-3Putting the shield together. Damn, i feel proud haha…

Next up will be tidying up the skirts, already did a bit of pla plating there so I hope i can pull off something decent.

Feel good to be back. Till the next post!



10 thoughts on “HG GM Sniper Wip 5

    • Hehe, continuing your recent trend of modding i see keke! 360 deg field of missile pods isn’t something to trifle with!

  1. Love the modifications you’ve done on the GM! I’ve never attempted to change the body of the kit in any way. I’ll probably do a test run on a cheap kit in the future. Can’t wait to see the GM completed.

    • heh thanks! most of the mods here I learn from looking at other ppl’s work in progress pictures. Once you start modding its very hard to revert to standard builds ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Chubbs is making full use of the long weekend ๐Ÿ˜€
    And my zeydra is just standing here idling…… heheheh

    Hope your father in law gets well soon.

    • Lol, well actually a bit hard to do this weekend…had many stuff coming in argh!!! I could only do some snap fits though …

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