I love writing stories when I was really young and what better way to bring your stories to life with the toys on hand ^^.  So just kick back relax and enjoy a little moment with my little nendos hehe as the go on their wacky adventures in my room!

1) A weird box arrives…Keroro investigates! 
2) The Gundam Graveyard 
3) Another Nendoroid Invasion ?! 
4) GN Arms Mari Custom Mark 1
5) The 3rd arrives and a giant awakes 
6) SD Sangokuden Ryubi vs DarkSouSou Part 1 
7) Smallest Angel Evar!
8) SD Sangokuden Ryubi vs DarkSouSou Part 2 
9)  What are my nendos up to this time? 
10)  Origins Part 1 , Origins Part 2 , Before Origins
11)Corruption Part 1,, Corruption Part 2, Corruption Part 3, Corruption Part 4 
12) Nendo Stacking Battle Plans! 
13) A Nendo Dinning Affair
14) Night Snack 
15) Blue Horror  
16) Eins First Night out
17) Death of Chiaki?!  
18) Another new nendo?! 
19) Bug Hunt! 
20) Aliens , Now for that ending! 
21) Sanae’s Penguin 
22) Shewbury Photo Contest   
23) My first neko?! 
24) Nendo School of Rock
25) So my sinanju will be?
26) I have an alien problem… 

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