Hyper Function LBX Achilles – snapfit done!


project runaway 001e

I have a soft spot for certain LBX designs. The Emperor (which fortunately is also under the hyper function version) is one of them along with the Efreet. Couldn’t resist taking a few pictures….the articulation and stability is so good. The first picture you see here is actually from a little story that I am planning keke…but that will be another day.

There are already a couple of raving reviews on the hyper function Achilles. I already am gearing up for future purchases from this lineup!

Toymaker : http://toymakerinc.blogspot.sg/2013/04/lbx-achilles-hyper-function-first-look.html

Gundam Planet : http://blog.gundamplanet.com/gundam/lbx-achilles-review/



Arch03Just a short post from me today. Will decal and top coat this guy over the weekend ^^.

Till the next post!



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13 thoughts on “Hyper Function LBX Achilles – snapfit done!

    • Heh thanks! Actually just only snap fitted..haven’t even panel lined! Don’t just get interested buy them!!! haha

  1. Heh thanks!! I actually ordered this through HLJ along with my keroros some time back. Definitely getting the emperor too!

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