Arios GNHW/M Wip Phase 3!!!

Continue the work on my Arios this evening….

Sharpened the wings on the legs.

Left side default thickness, right side after sanding.

I decided to use the excess sprues for detailing and a little head mod 😀

Cut out and sanded both sides flat.

Cut to desired shape.

One more fin to the head!!

Also used the excess orange spures for detailing on the main body.

Also did some additional panel lines on the body. For panel lining I place the body on top of blue tag for a more stable and secure position for panel lining ^^

To guide the scribing I use small pieces of pla plate as a guide. For more detail on panel lining and the tools that I used you can check out my O Gundam Wip.

Well will add more details to the rest of the body over this week 😀 I hope this will help those who don’t have access to pla plate ^^ You can still do mini detailing with your excess/leftover sprues!! The advantage of using the same sprue is that you need not worry about coloring it later 🙂

Till the next post!


53 thoughts on “Arios GNHW/M Wip Phase 3!!!

  1. What did you do on the 2nd and 3rd picture again? the head fin looks nasty, just don’t let it come from under the water, you can hear cello playing LoL

  2. Arios: …..shuatshh!!!…..:D

    I love the sharpened parts! How did you sand to get the symmetrical result?

    I saw a very nicely modded arios by ‘gresco’ at a local forum, netmorks. You might also take a look 😀

    • Heh thanks for the compliments ^^ So far I only have success with flat surfaces…haven’t got round to working on round surfaces like the zaku’s should armors and such. When it comes to panel lines I go really slow to get it right…. 😀

    • haha thx ^^. To syful it reminds him of jaws and moemoekyun it reminds him of ultraman lol!!! Recycle the excess sprues for that little detailing! Arios Hallelujah custom haha 😀

  3. nice idea on the blue tack to make work easier! Never thought of that before 😀 and the wing looks a lot nicer too!
    Are you gonna stay with the original color scheme?

    • hehe but I adopted using the pla plate to scribe from your post ^^. Using blu tag to hold the pieces really makes it a lot easier!

      Well I have no intention to paint this kit haha ^^ Just want to do it purely snap fit 😀 Kinda lazy to paint these few days…

  4. Wah, your Arios look really sharp now, literally. XD

    “Arios gained a new skill!”
    “Arios can now use Headbutt!”
    *insert Pokemon level up song here*

    • Evil Kyrois lol another version of kyrios to the list
      1) Moemoekyun : Ultraman
      2) Syful : shark from jaws
      3) Rockleelotus : Hallelujah custom
      4) Eighteleven : Evil Kyrios!!

      Lol man, one fin so many different reactions!!

  5. Very nice photos. Like from my previous comment, I know where I could source for my Gundam facts now (right?).

    I could still remember when I was buying my first Gundam. I didn’t even know which one to get, so ended up getting OO Gundam (the one you saw on my post). Seriously, I was wondering which is the nicest model. I quite like unicorn though. Arios was on my list too that time (I like orange color. *LOL*). But, I ended up with OO for don’t know what reason.

    Probably, I’ll spend more time at your blog to prepare myself for my next buy during the next Gundam Fiesta 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind with this long-winded comment. It seems quite long. ;p

    • Haha thanks 😀 Nah just sharing what I know mate ^^. There are tons of sites out there with even more info haha.

      Oh for your next gundam you might want to get the unicorn!!

      Very very nice kit and you don’t need to detail much ^^. Looks very very nice straight out of the box!! Haha and as for recommendations on other kits don’t worry, the other visitors here give me poisoning daily as to what to get!! Haha I have gotten even longer comments b4 😀 So no worries.

    • Second season mechs are actually less detailed compared to the first season ones! In facy kyrios got more action time in first season …only at the last part with hallelujah did we get a uber Arios!!

  6. WOW… why I didnt think bout that… using leftover sprues to detail-up ur gundam! awesome… XD

    Nice additional fin! XD, You works so fast >_<

    me still dazzzling with my new member LOLZ

    cant wait for final product 😀

    • But one thing though, the plates on the spures can be a bit thick so cutting will be a bit tough ^^ But if its saves you money for more stuff like nendos why not lol!!! The more I look at fin the more it reminds me of ultraman lol!!!

      Hehe saber lily nei ^^. Better add more power….sand sand sand!!

    • haha thanks 😀 This kit will have its role in the figure wars ^^ I am literally building up my cast from scratch so once hes done I am able to start shooting again.

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