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Its been almost 2 years since I first started this blog with the idea of sharing this poisonous passion of collecting toys. It all started out with a little 1/144 gundam Mark II and a fantastic Gundam0083 anime which helped me immensely in my journey. I did stop for a while however watching gundam 00 brought back the gundam fan in me and since then I have never looked back!

At first I only thought of collecting just gundams and gundams alone. But fate has it andΒ interestingly due to a very good fellow blogger rockleelotus who sadly has left the blog sphere, infected me with all the cute nendoroids that currently are swarming my desk! I wish him all the best in his future projects, hopefully one day he might pop by again. Then a trip down to the Toys Games and Convection 2009 got me infected with another series of toys called Ugly dolls…they are so butt ugly they are cute. I pray I will not stumble upon another series of toys to collect in the future…but then who knows what the future might portend.

Personally as I blog I felt that I too grew with the blog. With a growing collection, soon I picked up the shutter bug syndrome…now I can never leave my house without the camera! (With a nice figure or two in the bag ^^) I am also very fortunate to have met a bunch of crazy fellows and modelers who have been very much the driving force to my long journey of becoming a better modeler! If you guys have any questions with regards to modeling, feel free to drop a mail or too here at d24duran@yahoo.com.sg

I’ll try my best to help if I can! Happy reading!

54 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. hey dude, my flight got delayed till tomorrow morning, so i wont be seeing you at 5, i’ll call you when I get to SIngapore 1st, and have our night hunting ^^

  2. Hi! Glad you could visit my site. I was going to email you about the feature but I got swamped with work. πŸ˜€ Anyways, thanks for the comment. Your blog rocks!

  3. wow this site is great , very informative i have just started building gundam’s i have done about six and always looking for advice , on a slightly separate note i have never read or watched gundam could you advise me where i should start , happy new year!

    • Heh thanks! Glad you find my blog informative haha πŸ™‚

      For a start I recommend gundam 0083 stardust memory, its a bit old but it was the first gundam anime that got me started on this whole journey! For more current ones my favorite is Gundam 00 ^^

      Happy new year!

  4. Hello there,

    Say. You got a really cool Gundam toy blog there! You’ve certainly got the talent and precision of having a great showcase of Gundam toys you built. Wish I could find the time for myself to build these things…. I collect toys too mind you. But what I lack is the time. It’s fairly difficult to get all the details you want to express when building and blogging about them at the same time. So instead I have blog that talks all the mecha (besides Gundam) people like when they were kids. lol ^^

    Was it hard when you first get into building them?

    • Heh thanks for all the encouraging comments mate πŸ˜€ Time definitely is a big factor, and I am glad I have an understanding wife who gives me the space and time to pursue my hobby. I know its hard trying to balance work and yet finding the inspiration to blog about our hobbies ^^ For gundam kits it isn’t really hard building them, but what i do find very challenging is modding and painting them to suit my tastes!

      Thanks for dropping by once again and enjoy your time here!

  5. bro, I would really love to add you to my Blogroll!!
    especially cause you are another Keron who not only passionate bout Gunplas, but urban vinyls as well πŸ˜‰

    requesting your permission sir!! gero geroooo…

  6. I mainly collect Ugly dolls but occasionally I add in a few that I fancy the designs ^^ Not really following any line at the moment! But I love those that are small and that I can carry around for easier photography!

  7. hi there, would you mind to have a link exchange with me? i’m from indonesia and have a blog at http://multiseven.blogspot.com. It’s a blog contains of figures info. Well, i’m still not doing a figure review now, but was planning on it later.

    Well, I knew your blog link from nuo2x2’s & Aya’s blog, and really enjoyed reading your blog while i was looking around here. It would be a pleasure for me if i can do a link exchange with you. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Haha cool! Glad you enjoy what I wrote man. Sure I’ll be happy to exchange links ^^ Your site is pretty impressive man! I love the layout!

  8. Howdy! For some reason I’ve liked the Facebook page of this blog for quite a while now but I’ve only managed to really visit the site recently. Very nice works you have there. Would you mind if we have a link exchange? I’ve recently started a blog that will “catalogue” my collection in an organized way. Here’s my link — http://mechacatalogue.com — Thanks in advance! πŸ˜€

    • Hi there, sorry I won’t be updating my blog as at this point due to other commitments but I am okay with exchanging links though ^^

  9. Good luck with your life, hope this video provides a decent distraction from your daily routines and keep you on track with your collection.

    • Haha thanks, unfortunately I don’t collect SRCs πŸ˜› Though its tempting….now eagerly waiting for super robots wars OG 2 on ps 3!

  10. HI, thanks for following my blog, i just started blogging and it’s very motivating when fellow modelers and bloggers read my posts, keeps me going when i have very little traffic and readership, wishing you good luck in blogging and modelling πŸ˜€

    • Heh thanks for the well wishes! When you write good content the traffic will slowly come, just takes some time ^^. Good to know another fellow modeler and blogger!

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