HG GM Sniper WIP 3!

gmbodyApologies for the lack of post last week. Thats the problem when I start modding stuff, barely have time for anything else on top of a toddler that sticks to you with most of his waking moments. Most of the photos here were shot with my phone in between waiting and working on the next part.

gmheadAs i extended the neck, it gave me some space to actually sharpen the neck to give it a more well sharper profile haha..


gmneckExtended the head by about 1 mm with a combination of pla plates and creating a slot to accommodate the rubber jointed neck.


gmwaistAlso filled up the waist previous left empty from my last work.

gmtorsowip3However i did managed to find some time to do some more detailing to the main torso. Gonna add something to the back later on once my sketches are done. In the mean time…its back to sliding time with my son haha…

slideTill the next post!


10 thoughts on “HG GM Sniper WIP 3!

  1. Awesome work on the mods! Always wanted to do that though my work schedule isn’t favorable to building kits, let alone modify them. Looking forward to more!

    • Heh thanks! Ah kinda of stuck in a very tight schedule this past month, haven’t been able to do much blogging let alone continuing with the mod. Hope I can get some stuff done this weekend though!

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