I lost my jaw…

Ok jaw found…I was looking at the finish kits thread at Plamo and found this amazing/stunning argh 1/144 impluse done by Eday. I have been a big fan of his works ever since I first saw his Zeta builds. But this one really top it… his signature mod and also a constant feature are the pistons at the mid section.  He also utilizes a lot of pla plates and expose internals to give his kits a very mechanical look. Again check out that cannon….I don’t think freedom can win this…For more pictures you can find it on his site here. Do check out his other works and his WIPs, you’ll learn a lot just by looking at it!

Another sneaky post from the office 😀

Till the next post!


63 thoughts on “I lost my jaw…

  1. wow… amazing… I saw a lot of scratch build usually build on MG / 1/100… for 1/144… cool…

    If you ask me I think he need to design a better cannon. The MS’s look is better.

  2. I haven’t lost my jaw but my scalp just pops out and landed back on my head…
    1/144… Into THAT~!? He’s not a talented modder, but he’s HELLUVAGENIUSOFAMODDER~!

    Really, I salute. *salutes*

  3. WOW! Thats awesome! A red blast impulse plus a huge freaking cannon! If shinn had this MS, he could beat kira in his freedom hands down immediately………………

  4. ZOMG… I just got nose bleed!!! D:

    Awesome mode there… I think I just got new gunpla master idol here lol XD

    the details is just breath taking… look at the piston and stuffs oh kami-sama!!! *nose bleed moar* XD

    Loving that cannon! I wish I had those crazy l33t skills >_<;;

    Nice find chubby! my new idol after keita WOOOOOOT

    • Oh that Hiyaku shiki is another amazing work by him too…
      Maybe you might be the next big thing hehe ^^ Never say never!!

    • Ah yes, that is the most eyecatching portion of his mod. Further more it kind of slim down the waist line giving the kit a very nice sleek look 😀

  5. He cuts plastic like paper. The Faith emblem is actually sculpted 😮

    I wonder if the waist pistons prevent any rotation. His photos are always in the same pose. Maybe it’s too fragile to play around with.

    • haha wow I didn’t notice that till you pointed it out! Must be the pistons thats drawing my attention away.

      It seems like he fixed it in one pose similar to his other builds. Doesn’t look as if it can turn though. If I have a chance i’ll ask him 😀

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