O Gundam WIP Phase 4!

Just came back from ACME event at NAFA…man got some good grabs but I’ll do another post on that later… now for painting my O gundam. Also I decided instead of doing an enamel wash I’ll just use the gundam markers for the panel lines.

Now for dealing with the only clear part…


Mask the front and sprayed sliver at the back.


I'll be using this for the front part ^^. Gundam metalic green marker


Mount on a blu tag for easy painting.




Used gold for the yellow parts.


Silver to replace the grey parts


Ogundam8Well now only left the flat coating of the parts ^^. But i’ll be leaving out the gun for the time being. Want to finish my MG Exia first haha.

Till the next post!


9 thoughts on “O Gundam WIP Phase 4!

  1. hey! which silver did you use for your shield…? looks nice.. remember you told me tt Kovan had the silver chrome marker? i went there last sunday and it was sold out.. damn sad. the shopkeeper even helped me call other outlets.. and all sold out. but he’s the best tenchou out of all the hobby point.. very helpful.. anyway.. back to this.. so i guess i’ll use this silver instead.. so wad silver did you use? thanks again!

    • Yep, among all the hobby point stuff hes da best ^^. Very helpful guy. The silver is tamiya sliver leaf if i remember. Chrome silver will also do the trick ^^. But this is in spray can. Metallic colors are best sprayed. Hand painting did not work for me in my case.

      • oh.. i see.. cos i was thinking of painting the hydraulics of the innerframe silver.. so i think would be handpainting.. tt’s why needed the marker.. that aside.. have you tried painting any parts silver without have a black glossy layer first?

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