HG GM Sniper WIP 4!

gm sniper4 cSorry for the lack of updates past few weeks. My country was shrouded in a thick smog or haze as some would call it. As I could only work outdoor for my gunpla, any work would have to halted till conditions became better. I am glad the situation has improved and here I am back to my GM keke..

gm sniper4 1


As my fellow blogger friend Heathorn suggested, I added another layer to the shoulders. It really looks much better than I originally thought so props to him for that idea!

gm sniper4 4 gm sniper4 3Also decided to do some minor pla plates with some carving to add some of my own details ^^.

gm sniper4 2Also did some minor carving and pla plating on the leg.

gm sniper4 05Thats all for this week! Hope I can get more done next weekend!

Till the next post!





16 thoughts on “HG GM Sniper WIP 4!

  1. so sorry to hear about the smog ๐Ÿ˜ฆ by the way where you get the parts for the shoulders ? is that from another model kit ?

    • Ah yes, been sketching out some ideas for the lower half ^^. Especially the skirt since its relatively untouched!

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