Sd Taishi Ci Dom WIP 7, prime but not ready!!!

Came back from work and the weather is just nice for priming 😀 And to my horror I found some terrible mistakes after priming!!!

For priming I use Mr Surfacer 1000. Its a grey primer. I come across many blogs but not many mention or even talk about this important stage of building.

The model fully primed ( the back armors are drying at this point)

Remember the moldlines I mentioned in the previous post. No matter how high a grit we use to sand, there will always be sanding marks. What the primer does is that it covers up all the minute scratches giving a smooth finish.

Priming makes everything nice and smooth. Also enables paint to adhere to the surface.

Priming also helps to bring out the details. Aids in painting as you can see which area is painted or not.

Now for the ugly side of priming….

No doubt priming brings out the details, it also brings out all your mistakes in full grey glory!!

Ah uneven surface…looks like my puttying skills will need some working on in the future…

Uneven head armor…more sanding ahead!!!

Well thats all for this little short WIP! Looks like another night of sanding… Now it might seem tedious doing this, trust me, you will rather be sanding at this stage then cursing and swearing when you apply the paint job and then spot these mistakes 😦

Till the next post!!


47 thoughts on “Sd Taishi Ci Dom WIP 7, prime but not ready!!!

  1. Yes, priming is very important, it shows all the flaw during the modification process ^_^
    I really like to see a model with all grey color, it gives a feel of a prototype not yet released gunpla.

    • Yes indeed! Very important! And exposes all the flaws lol…looks like another long weekend of sanding!! I do fancy the look of primed kits, somehow my friends commented prime kits look even better than painted ones lol 😀 So hows your ugly dolls hehe. Drossel having problems with their language still?

  2. Priming! Yet another step in gunpla modeling which I am unsure if I’ll ever have a chance to do. XD Maybe when I’m older and have my own space…

    Agreeing with heathorn that it gives a very prototype feel. And all the best with fixing up the problem areas!

    • Haha, its is a tedious but necessary step I am afraid haha 😀 But if you are building straight from the box a simple topcoat will do ^^. Unless you have itchy modding fingers like me 🙂

      Thanks! I’ll take my time to do the problem areas 🙂 don’t want to rush and otherwise ruin the nice build I have here going!

  3. Actually, it looks kinda cool in grey. Looks more… ominous.

    *looks at the mint green Jegans on the table*
    (why did the EFSF use mint green for them?…)

    • You have a point..maybe I’ll just leave it in this state lol!!! Its kinda looks nice though ^^

      Mint green…sounds like chocolate 😀 (Easier for zeon to aim at them!!! So that amuro can take all the credit!!)

        • Hmm back the background for SDs Sangokuden are in a sort of medival knight setting 😀 Shining armors are in order!! But if its space you won’t want to look like Wing Zero….the all beautiful wings scream shoot me (thats if you can lol!!!)

    • Oh I actually separate it into about 8 to 10 pieces. The head, arm and main body as one piece together. The legs and bottom half of a body as another main piece. The the armor parts and weapons individually. Its mass spraying but several main parts together. Don’t worry about not covering some spots. Just make sure the main areas exposed are primed will do 😀 For one can it would last me for 2 1/144 hgs and one SDs as a gauge. (the 2 main scales that I paint)

  4. i always found primed kits visual appealing for some reason. one thing i didnt know was that it also helps cover up the marks from sanding. but at the same time brings out your mistakes? lol so it works both ways XD

    will you be going with a custom color scheme?

    • Ouch lol…yep those mistakes were terrible..heh no build is perfect haha ^^ I am learning quite a bit from building my Tasichi, custom joints and puttying (2nd try..) but its much better than my first 😀

      I am looking through some old magazines for some nice color combination, I did see a hastune miku inspired seravee!! haha…maybe a raspberyl or yoko color perhaps..^^ Just currently playing around with some ideas in my head!!

  5. Nice build man! Having flaws after priming is normal, every builder experienced it….even though it sucks…:lol:
    I always apply a thin primary paint for the first try, since there would still be errors that needs more fixing and sanding, don’t wanna empty my paint just to wipe it off with sanding papers:D After everything looks okay, then I spray it thicker (even though there would still a risk of seeing the errors:D)

    • Thanks!!! Same to you 😀 Panzer rocks hehe. The first time I tried spraying a primer I was shocked to see all my flaws!! It was a wake up call for me back then haha! No doubt I still get mistakes but haha its getting lesser^^.

      Thanks for the tip on the thin primary paint. Will keep that in mind! Indeed, wiping off that initial coat of paint with sanding papers will be such a waste! I used to think that I can cover a crack or not so nice spot with more paint haha….we both know thick paint ain’t gonna do that!

  6. building a kit is just like applying make-up. prime first before painting but we have to make sure the canvas is nice and clean. XD

    at least with this, we learn what needs improvement.

    great post, chubbybots 🙂

    • Haha eru you are spot on about the make up. Never thought of looking it that way 😀 Yes indeed it is like a canvas we have to make sure its nice and clean before we apply the paint! At least we are able to rectify all the mistakes before the paint job haha. Nice and smooth ^^

      Thanks for the compliments eru 🙂

  7. Hmm…. Primed kits looks kinda cool, but I think they are quite a hassle during painting. =X But still, I might wanna try them in future. =)

    • haha indeed it can be quite tedious as it is another step. Try it out and see it for yourself in the future 😀 There are people who don’t prime at yet still get very good results ^^

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