SD Sangokuden Taishi Chi Dom Wip 5!! Lines lines lines…

tasichi409Well now that most of the major mods are done for the kit…time for some cosmetic updates ^^. Sd Sangokuden Taishi Ci Dom Wip 5 Ikimasu!!!

taishichi501First some sharpening of the fins at the head.


Sanded the additional pla plates added to the legs. The one on the left is sanded, the one on the right unsanded.

taishichi503Also did a mod for easier painting ^^. Will glue back the fin once its done. This also makes it easier to remove the seamlines at the helmet!

taishichi504Also removed the other seamlines at the waist and body.

taishichi505Mold lines are quite a big problem for SD kits. They are everywhere! On the left I sanded off the mold lines ^^. Doesn’t look great for that huge line showing thru the paint job!

taishichi506Thats one big ass mold line smacked right down the middle!

taishichi507After cleaning up!

So many lines to clear up!!! Well got to get rid of them if you want your kits to look nice 😀 When it comes to building, sanding is the most crucial yet it is also the most boring part for me >_<. Hmm just wondering, which part of gundam building do you guys find the most tedious and dreadful to do? Its good to let out those fustrations!! haha

And I managed to finish this guy up






While awaiting for his top coat my Hy Gogg went out and had some fun….

Till the next post!


11 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Taishi Chi Dom Wip 5!! Lines lines lines…

  1. Sanding and painting fight for top spot, painting wins most of the time because of Murphy’s Law.

    Though the effort is well-worth for both when they come together nicely. My Sinanju attests well to that. :3

  2. Oh wait. Sinanju reminded me of another thing.

    Decals. I love the way dry-transfers go on beautifully without a trace unlike stickers or waterslides but they are VERY tedious in excess. Decal-phobia prevents me from finishing up my Unicorn. >__<

    • Ah I know that feeling! staring at the decal sheets reminds me of the hours spend just to get them all on the kit! But agree with you though, they go on very nicely indeed 😀 Painting can be quite a pain at times…and when it goes wrong…a really goes wrong in a big way!

  3. i always thought SD would have less lines, thats quite a few to take care of! i would have to agree that sanding is very frustrating because it also requires additional work to cover up the effect it leaves XD

    mmm ugly doll appetizer before top coat lol

    • Its tasty lol!

      Surprisingly SDs have quite a number of these lines! Taishi Chi Dom compared to some of the earlier SDs has fair less..(thank goodness…) I find somehow building master grades so much easier. All the colors and lines are taken care of already XD. Minimal work on the modelers part.

  4. Ah Master Grades have taken care of all these little lines for ya already! Plus with the articulation and colors being taken care of, its so much easier as its a straight forward build 😀

    You can give a try building these new SDs, trust me they are much better than what you get 2 yrs back!

  5. Oh you mean the nub marks right? Especially if you are not painting you will need plenty of clean up to make those nub marks less visible!

  6. Yea… I don’t paint the kits as i do not have paints, unless you count gundam markers! Haha, maybe i will paint next time after i save enough $ to buy them, Haha!

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