Check out this paint job!!

Hi guys, this is another sneak post from the office haha. Nah its lunch break now so anyway haha check out this guy’s paint job! I have seen this video many times already ever since I started on gunpla last year. And it was the video that inspired me to start painting ^^. Just putting it up here for the benefit of those who have not seen it so, now witness the godlike power of air brush!!(Part 2 after the jump)

The kit he is working on is an MG Char’s Rickdom πŸ˜€ No modifications were done but I love how he creates the patterns with so many complex layers of paint! I have lost track of how many layers he used…see if you can count the number of layers!!! Too bad it is in Japanese….maybe ren can help with the translation haha. Then we can unlock his technique!

Well till the next lunch break!!

58 thoughts on “Check out this paint job!!

  1. Air brush… Should be very expensive… And i haven’t even got to hand brushing yet! Lol! Maybe i will go buy some paints buring my upcoming Dec holidays… Does anyone know where can i get ready made paints? Eg. no nid for mixing + thinner?
    I am very lazy… Haha…

    • Well the trusty tamiya spray can will be your best friend. No nid to mix and it works well πŸ˜€ If not there are always gundam markers ^^ No mixing require too! Handpainting / airbrushing will take a fair bit of trial an error to master though.

    • I would recommend Mr.colour spray can. Personally I think it is better than Tamilya’s.

      However you need to hand paint when it come to details… still need thinner + mixing for the best result.

      • Ah yes Mr Color ^^ that is also quite a good brand! Almost forgot lol

        Handpainting is still unavoidable when it comes to detailing, there are some places where you need fine tips like sinanju’s gold trimmings. πŸ˜›

  2. He controls his airbrush so well!! He wields it like it’s part of his hand and knows just how much to use. Ah, the power of experience ;_;

    Amazing. I was staring agape at the finished product at the end of the video. It’s no longer a model kit, but a piece of artwork! XD

    • Yes exactly!! Its like its a part of him and sprays the paint with such fine precision. Definitely need years of experience to hone that!!! He looks fourty plus and I guess he has about a good 10 to 15 years experience, god knows where I’ll be by then lol!! Hopefully still doing gunpla by then.

      My reaction was like yours when I first saw the vid!! He rightfully deserves that cuppa of tea at the end lol ^^

  3. What i hope now is to able to have a steady hand when i’m gonna paint the gold parts for my SD. And less dust floating around my room, they love to stick on my parts! rawr

    • Oh you mean your Sou sou gundam? Sds have tons of gold trimmings and color separation to be done!! I wish I had an exhaust fan or something like that which I can turn on to suck all that dust out prior to painting ! Don’t you just love dust…

  4. So far I only use tamiya spray cans.
    Hm… thinking of learning airbrush, ahahaha
    maybe my hi nu will be the guinea pig for airbrush, just maybe ^_^

    • Haha go for it man!! I trust you can do much better with the airbrush than me given your meticulous work!! I did buy an airbrush but haven’t got a chance to really use it yet. Can only wait till i shift to my new place where I can have a dedicated set up!! Space is always a consideration! In the mean time haha I’ll just ogle at other ppl’s airbrush first!

  5. nice snack during your lunch break, its so sweet! lol man, the paint job is very smooth and shiny. the power of airbrush! i lost track of the amount of layers he added also… he must have mixed a million paints too XD talk about skills, very awesome video ^^

    • Munch much (apple pie stuck between the teeth as i type..) haha..

      I love how he layers each and every one nicely…the more layers you have the more likelihood of making more mistakes. And here in the video he just executed everything flawlessly. Must have done quite a fair bit of planning before doing something like that!!! You are not the only one who lost count with the layers…(which is the subject of the next post lol!!!)

    • Haha definitely you will need lots of patience for such intense work!!! I think a fair amount of work is also need to paint figures too!!! I guess is how much you really want to put into each piece of work that you have πŸ˜€

      If i do get to try this I’ll try it out on a smaller scale first ^^…

    • Haha I saw it on your post!!! The PG kero πŸ˜€

      I tried build a PG Obama though lol…my niece kinda took it when she saw it…

            • I like posing and modding, so when it comes to PG the size and stability will play a factor!! Plus if i do ever get a PG i’ll probably just do a straight build, dry brush decal plus top coat build ^^ Won’t have the patience to pull off a custom paint job!

              • oh my are dolifies that expensive?

                Ah you reminded me of that awesome PG GP01! (plus it can switch modes). The first gundam series that I ever watched!
                But somehow I am more in awe of Astray’s gebera straight !! Argh tough choices…

                • Regular dollfies tend to cap out at around the 30,000 yen mark but the character dollfies, which are the ones everyone gets, go for closer towards the 60k mark, so even more expensive than my KOSMOS ver 4!! Saber cost around 90,000 yen brand new.

                  And if you’re really concerned about space, I’d say save yourself some grief and get the Astray. GP01 is big… Really big! Even the box is massive!! 00 Gundam has nothing on the GP01!

  6. Have to admit, at first, I wasn’t taht impressed.
    His techniques were sound but not exactly amazing. I don’t think many people would have difficulty copying what he did early on.

    Then the second half of part 2 kicked in and then it was when I thought “ooh…”
    Plus, he wears Aviators!!!

  7. “Funz center” was there you got your nendo ?? is that anime figures store ??
    (my sis will go SG next month ^^; I am gonna ask her πŸ˜€ )

    • oh Funz center is actually a video games shop. But they happen to keep stock for revoltechs and figurines πŸ˜€ As for Nendoroids just head down to china sq central as Bmecha mentioned πŸ˜€ Best prices would be found there!! (And yes Nagi is still on the shelf…)

  8. lol.. i felt an itch! haha.. well i haven watched the clip yet.. will watch lata.. really too busy these few days.. mayba tako can helP! hahaha.. she higher level.. cant wait to see wad’s he up to…

    • Man lol, how is your room painting going? Ask tako help you with the room painting together instead and then after that watch the video together πŸ˜€ Quality couple time + Gunpla skill upgrade = Win!! \ (@_@)/

      • the WISP is very slow.. cos i got only a few hours time to paint each day.. and paint takes 2-4 hrs to dry and i need the sunlight to see where the layers are thin to touch up.. you can see how complicated things get..

        haha.. appreciate the suggestion.. ^^ unfortunately we both not free.. weekdays are work work..maybe weekends perhaps..? but dec is full of weddings and birthday parties for us.. man.. its totally crazy.. dough sucking!!! lolx. really hope i can finish it soon and get on with life.. haha. so sorrie i couldnt post anything to entertain you guys.. =(

        • Ah I see….man I got my house reno to settle also sobz…so many things plus all that shopping for wedding stuff!!! Sometimes real life stuff does get in a way of blogging! A times coming back from work I get too tried to think of anything to write and post about, let alone doing gunpla!

          Well take your time on your room and posting πŸ˜€ Good things are worth the wait!

          • ooo.. you going to move out too!! haha.. congrats mate! lolx.. good luck on your shopping spree!! =DD

            anyway.. abt the videos.. i think everybody understood the first part.. basically jus first coat.. acts like a primer, base coat.. and you move on from there.. he uses some silver metallics for the inner frames.. some chroming powder to polished?? i had nv seen such powder before, so cant realli help here.. and clear black after that to create a chromed feeling.. clear black from mixing clear blue, red and yellow.. den a final clear to finish off..

            for the outer armor frame, to achieve the ruby feel, he used yellow to brighten up the red.. den followed by clear red + yellow layer.. den a clear red+green layer to give it depth to the ruby feel.. as for the handpainted strips layers.. its wad you see, the light yellow and white highlight.. that one is skills.. XD but the strips are first applied with black enermal paint.. den follow by a enarmal thinner to ‘blur’ the line.. giving a lighter tone.. den as usual.. finish with clear black and clear.. yups.. thats all that i can understand from the video.. heh. hope it helps.. =)

            • Haha that is why I don’t have as much hoots compared to last time ^^ Need to save up for the important stuff πŸ˜€ But i’ll still maybe get a Nendo/2 gunpla kits at most per month ^^ I even stopped buying hobby mags already!

              Heh thanks for the translation haha, skill upgrade!!! (play ff7 battle win music) ^^ But that black power is something you don’t get to see around here though, gives the plastic a metallic feeling.

  9. @ chubby wedding stuff you are gonna married soon
    send me your pre- weding photos chubby >_< I wish can come to your wedding lol
    good luck with your married make sure your future kids like gundam and become otaku too ^^;

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