Finishing what I started….

Looking back at 2010, one of my biggest regret is actually starting quite a fair bit of kits and yet never finishing them. Now that I think back, I probably modded too much and never figured out how to put them back together. The long wip list are as follows…

1) Tenshishio Sazabi

2) Seravee

3) SD Taishichi Dom

4) Astray Red Frame

5) Unfinished Origins Part 3 (Story)

You can say a combination of modification burnout, lack of determination to finish, procrasination(okay I admit this is one of my greatest weakness)….probably lots of reasons in between that resulted in this.  So  to make up for that, after the Sinanju I’ll be aiming to complete at least 2 of these outstanding kits this year as a promise to myself  to clear my back logs!!

As for stories I always had this vision of having all my toys and wips stringed into one big on going story. So far I haven’t had much luck and aspiration after my break during June…kinda lost the momentum for story telling. Hopefully I can get to do some small stories in between to get it going again…

Do you guys face such problems last year?  Or what strategies do you guys do to keep yourself going on your gunpla or your blogging activities?

Have a great week ahead!



39 thoughts on “Finishing what I started….

  1. gunpla is not much of a problem to me as it is a rare feat for me to buy one each month.

    my real problem is creating a story, though I have lots of ideas going on my mind putting them into stories for my WIPs I tend not to do, due to procrastination perhaps? :p

    but anyways good luck… you forgot to put Deathsaurer? (I think)

    • Lol thanks for reminding me on the deathsaurer 😛 In fact my deathsaurer’s arm joint broke…I was so disheartened I completely left it aside….With regards to gunpla every month haha…thats the problem with ready available stock of gunpla locally at good prices 😛

      Story making is indeed hard. Not only do you have to think of the plot but also how to shot the action shots, dialog and such!

  2. ah yeah, same problem last year, Project Knightingale. i bite more than i could chew, resulting the death of KGale. no way to revive him back now. but then, aside from that, all WIPs ran smoothly, despite i started lots of WIPs, i will complete them all at the same time ^^ galleries posting spree XD

    • Haha so far you have a much much better track record then me…so far the most successfully modded and has reached the painting stage is the Sinanju for your group build haha… I really need your determination for finishing!!!

  3. Hahaha funny how other people have backlogs of untouched kits whereas you have backlogs of unfinished kits! 😛

    For me, I didn’t have much problems as I didn’t get to buy many kits last year. my only problem was (and still is) my Sinanju. I started off my Sinanju at the same time as Iris Online so I kinda neglected my Sinanju a LOT =/

    now I’m in HK… and when I go back to msia I’ll have approx one week to complete it before going down to Johor for CNY and then back to NZ T_T

  4. Problems: Just the usual dela*kTAK~!* KYAAA~! O_O *regains composure*…yed items.
    And yes, with one MAJOR problem. My figma Marisa broke. *engages HAIPA engineering mode* Which I’ve then fixed her. Good as new.

    Keep myself going… now that’s a bit hard for me to explain…
    As for the stories: always think of something that is funny and creative ways of pulling the carpet from the readers. For example, pantsu shots of figmas by Sinanju (aka Full Frontal) which followed by Master Spark. da ze.

    • Haha pantsu shots…hmm realized only my nendos have pantsu 😛 You always have a knack for the funny stuff in your stories!!

  5. i vote for 2 and either 3 or 4! for gunpla, i try to stick with a project until my motivation drops, then ill take a break because i wont be giving it my all. if the break is too long i force my self to work on it and see if any magic happens, if not i set it aside again ^^;

    as for stories, working with you i know you have been trying to tie all the toys in the toyroom together 😀 with a constantly growing cast, i can only imagine the brain cramps you get Lol your stories have been fantastic though. if you focus on a few characters at a time their stories may tie together in a way you wouldnt expect, and new idea can form off that.

    i get discouraged/lazy a lot ^^;; but overall feedback from my readers keep me motivated in all aspects! 😀

    • Ah man, I definitely need that kind of workflow to get things done haha. I think I’ll take your suggestion on limiting the number of characters to the story! One of my problems is always trying to include all the lastest additions into it haha! Plus it takes a hell of a long time just to build the characters 😛

      I’ll rework a bit on the story after Sinanju haha then mail to a certain nenditor 😛

  6. hehehe u arent the only one…
    i touched…
    : SD unicorn
    : 2x HG Astraea type F
    : HG Zabanya
    : SD Exia..?

    more or less “on par” x.x”..

  7. I have a small back log, since I buy 2 or 3 at a time per month. Most is from my local hobby shop, since if I buy online, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to control myself.

    • Especially when they have deep discounts….plus beautiful completed kit pictures…you just want to click on the buy button away 😛

  8. Haha, you aren’t alone I think my backlogs are at least 3-4 times of yours xD That’s okay stock up for a rainy day. 😀

  9. ahaha.. im guilty as charged as well… all built but unpainted.. and not the mention the amazingly huge backlogs…… zzzzz.. but im lucky to say tt instead of burning out.. i’ve decided to do things at my pace… and hope to finish more this year and clear some of the back logs… =D

    • Haha its good to do at your own pace. But sometimes I am afraid if i go too slow I might end up not doing anything at all. So prefer a bit of speed to keep the momentum going!!!

  10. I understand it’s not easier to keep the momentum. One way of motivation would probably be talking to friends sharing the same interest and an other way is to watch the anime again to gain new drive.

    • I can understand how you feel man….. sometimes when you reach a certain point you just don’t have the motivation to finish!!

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