My Evangelion Mini Figurines

Remember Riannon’s little angel pet she found a while back 😀 I took some quick pictures of that Evangelion set of mini figurines that this guy came from before sleeping ^^ Also testing out my new camera at the same time.

Magi’s chief scientist ^^


Rei doesn’t look happy…maybe the chair is too small. Does anyone know what is that little creature beside her??


Shinji seems quite happy though 😀

One last shot of Asuka. Seems I got the white balance a bit off…the colors are a wee bit too bright.  And I need to get that tripod…the camera is quite heavy to hold steadily!!!

Till the next post!!!

27 thoughts on “My Evangelion Mini Figurines

    • heh thanks! Still working out all the functions of the new camera. To be honest needs lot of improving. The only thing so far I find are the colors and resolution that are a bit better! Hopefully things will be better when I get back my tripod!!

      • lol on your reaction at gendo XD

        sadly, i havent seen it yet… been meaning to watch it but i always get side-tracked. what’s your take on it?

        • haha cause he is my least favorite character in the show 😛

          Having seen the series before I must say I love the rewritten story line. Now not to give you any spoilers but hehe there is way lot more interaction between Shinji and Rei (No longer she is just the cold maiden..) and in the last fight Shinji actually makes a choice to fight instead of running away! Plus as a bonus the fight scenes are much better carried out with the new CG ^^. Overall the feel is less depressing than the series version and I have a feeling we will have a happier ending this time round (keeping my fingers cross haha..)

          Well thats my take on that show. Two words ‘Must watch!!

          De culture ^^

    • Rei is very cute haha! But I think she kind of looks more angry than sad though!! I wanted to find the smiling version but haha my wallet couldn’t take it then!

      Seems like some pot of drink but the contents don’t look that appealing….

      Haha indeed, Gendo is da man, cool as ever 😀 Do you collect any mini figurines too?

    • Lol its ‘new’ alright 😀 Still tinkering with the settings…so much more stuff on this!! By the way you starting your zaku soon?

    • Hehe yep ^^ Watched till ep 3!!! The first one was damn funny…fancy a battery bento!!! I like all the spoofs and they did haha!!

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