The Gundam Graveyard…

I wanted to do this post some time back ^^. Today taking leave from my work (YES!! its a long weekend!!) I decided to show you guys my large pile of Gundam collected over these 2 years (with donations from my cousins and others ^_^)

I counted 3 MGs in the pile, god gundam. freedom and strike!

My failed painting experiments…is that an extra full cloth cross bone weapon!? (when did that get there lol!)

My younger brother’s trashed up God Gundam…his final resting place…

My pioneer attempt at panel lining dalong style lol!! So thick I can’t bear to see them!! ARghh..

Strike gundam….

My cousin’s first attempt at painting….looks like Wing Gundam is coughing blood…

I think this is from a certain power ranger series…

Well however beside using for modding…someone else has some interesting ideas of her own





Its is upgrade time !!!

Hmm this looks good..

Oh this is perfect!!

8″ Caliber semi auto with alternate grenade launching capabilities stabilizer….(rattles on and on…)

Ok this is a get!

Hmm I do need some sniper rilfes…

Hmm there is some instructions here…requires a certain colored Halo to maximize efficiency…

Maybe I’ll ask Kero Kun about this…plug his head somewhere in this…

Okay another get for the Maritan Army!!

Ohh a weapon mounted shopping cart!! Nice!

Dry brushed to perfection nice! Now I can blast that darn White Base… I’ll show Captain Bright who is in charge!

After 1 hr…..hmm wait rifle check, MP4 check, sniper rifle check…dank I am still short of a f**king bazooka!

Ah ah! Spotted!

I got to get that bazooka no matter what….time to get dirty…

Yoko chan check this out!!

Now this is what I call a Bazooka!! Me likes!

Mari cannon!!

Whoohoo comes with its own stand.. nice ^^

Well this concludes my trip and Mari’s trip to the Gundam Graveyard…

Chubbybots : Eh Mari you might want to put down that cannon

Mari : Nah just a quick test fire…

Chubbybots : Erh wait a second…



47 thoughts on “The Gundam Graveyard…

    • Haha thanks! Lol looks like you have quite a graveyard too! ^^ Maritan had one helluva a day sorting through that pile 😀

      Well lots of failed experiments = big graveyard pile!!

      • that’s not graveyard just spare weapons,shield,beam parts,spare hands and unused parts from gundam (In old SD gundam usually you got 2 head ^^;)

    • Haha well kero did get owned badly previously 😀 Now she is semi officially my mascot till kero gets back up (judging by the injuries don’t think that it will be that soon…)

  1. Oh and sorry I still dunno how to work the “insert more” tag xD

    After I have my full post, I click on the “Insert More tag” and those dotted lines come out right? But in the actual post once I previewed/posted it up I don’t see any “Read More” button/link T.T”

    Sorry if this annoys you =/ I’m just too noob and not getting anywhere trying to experiment with that function xD

    • Oh just say your post is this


      Without the insert more tag the full post will appear on the home page

      Now if you insert the more tag

      (insert more tag)

      Only the 111111 will appear on the home page. Once you publish you should be able to see the read more.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Wo, that’s quite a big pile of graveyard parts! I’ve my own pile too, they were all screwed up while experimenting and posing them. Those include my Stargazer and Freedom =(

    • Haha I guess everyone has that graveyard some where 😀 The product of endless experiment to produce the perfect kit ! 😀

      Luckily the 3 mgs here are not mine, they belong to my brothers and cousin ^^

  3. LOL weapon mounted shopping cart!! XDDD

    That’s a massive cannon Mari-tan has found. XD Kind of reminds me of Suou from Darker than Black.

    A lot of Gundams have found their resting place in this graveyard…and now it’s a treasure trove for Mari-tan. XD XD And yeah, I don’t like the super thick lines Dalong does, but I heard from a friend that he does it that way so that people can see the details on the kits clearly. Makes sense, but it’s still kind of ugly. ):

    • Haha she does look like Suou!!! The cannon is from the 1/100 tieren…somehow spare weapons also end up in the graveyard ^^. I have close to 30 odd gundams in the graveyard 1/3 donated haha 😀 and indeed a wonderful treasure trove for Mari. XD I used to think that was the standard one should go for when it comes to panel lines haha till I saw how other ppl did it. But he does have a point in that it helps ppl to see the kits clearly…no doubt its ugly but well to each his own 😀 Still have to thank him for such a complete collection of reviews!

  4. OMG~! MGs in a graveyard. NOOOOOO~! O_O

    Dalong uses a finer tip that what you have in your RIP gunplas…

    Hang on… Mari-tan + weapon shopping + loads of weapons = this will not end well… for Kero and the gang.

    • Pains the heart to see them there but rest assured I’l use their frames thoroughly. Hmm I thought Dalong was as thick as mine lol 😀

      Mari-tan + weapon shopping + loads of weapons = kero and gang owned X 10!!!! \ (^_^) /

  5. It’s dead ever since my cousin created a earthquake and MG RX-78-2 ver 2.0 is my 1st MG that i bought when it was release..Sob just thinking of that

  6. itadakimasu! Maritan stumble across a gold mine of free artillery lol oh man that bazooka fits her perfectly, things are already getting chaotic.

    nice pile of gundam corpses, i lol @ SD wing zero coughing up blood XD

    • That is a huge stock pile…wait till you she what she will mod those stuff into ^^. I love that bazooka, fits her really nicely…reminds me of your Yoko DD!!! Indeed the Toy room is getting crazier!!

      SD wing zero was tortured badly with the ‘sickest’ paint job ever by a 5 year old kit :D….coughing blood lol..XD

  7. Nice story. You sure have some stock of gunplas ^_^
    So your bro also a modeler?

    Ahh… tomorrow holiday, happy! Will go to check if nendo nanoha or fate is ready for PO.

  8. Wow, that’s quite a number of Gundams in the “graveyard”. I also have some broken/fail paint Gundams but they were FG(and 1 MG currently, only minor problem though). ^^; I like to keep painting experiments to HGs/NGs at most as mistakes on more expensive stuff can really hurt.

    And… the bazooka. Did it hurt? XD

    • Haha yes it does and still ouch….careful with the hand 😀

      Haha well i do quite a fair bit of experimenting. Ever since I started painting I can never look purely at straight builds the same way again 😀 At least they must have panel lines and colored accurately with Gundam Markers 😀 I also keep my painting experiments but mainly to HGs. SDs are quite difficult to paint actually haha 😀

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