More Gunpla for the graveyard….

Recently I am the proud receiver of a stash of old kits from my cousins, who sadly no longer are into gunpla. But knowing that I love gunpla, the offered to give me their entire collection. Yes!!! Hmm lets see what we have here….

A very beaten down 1/100 wing zero….

Must have been a massive fight between wing zero and tallgeese 3…

After further sorting, I found a few that were still intact ^^.

1/144 gundam seed destiny Dom ^^

I think this is from the Gundam Astray series

Woot a fully intact Neue Ziel!!! Gato will be very happy ^^

Also another box set from him ^^ Char’s counter attack…very old school SD gundams lol!!

Both the protagonist and antagonist from the movie are in 😀

I sense lots of repainting ahead lol….

Very kawaii looking Jegan 😀

Sadly, I can only find 2 of the zeon remnants…Char is missing along with 2 other side kicks…

I also received a very interesting figurine…looks like its contemplating whether I should eat supper again tonight…

Flick this switch…

He says yes!! Just go ahead and gorge yourself out!!!

Well I am very happy to have received such a nice donation from my cousins ^^ Its sad that they are no longer into gunpla but I wish them all the best in their new hobbies. I’ll try to salvage those few that I sorted out and I think with lots of sanding and re painting I should be able to get them back to shape!! But as for the rest of the other 20 odd kits left over, the will be heading into the gundam graveyard for modding purposes 😀

Till the next post!!


50 thoughts on “More Gunpla for the graveyard….

  1. So you can summon your gunpla even though they are already in the graveyard 😀

    Today I was also looking for my old models, my MG god has become really really …..ugh…….poor domon

    • Lol I can do anything 😀 Even use a piece of blu tag as spell artifact 😀 Oh my…MG god gundam!! Maybe he can be the receiver of your scratch build swords ^^

    • Sad but I admit I am happy that they gave it to me instead of throwing it away!! At least their kits are in good hands 😀

      Oh sacrifices….maybe target practice for saber and gang buahaha!!

  2. Hmm good question 😀 I think raspberyl has an answer to that but hehe that will be part of future story ^^

    Thanks for the info man! I love the side cannons on this Cgue!! Very intimidating!!

  3. Nice collection there. More spare parts for your modding? 😀

    I was looking my old kits that easily 7-10 years ago. Later might feature them too. I’m glad that I found those AOZ parts for Advanced Hazel. I just made a post regarding this parts.

    • Hehe yes more spare parts for mods ^^ Oh my 7-10 years old…thats very vintage!! Wish I had kept most of my old toys instead of throwing them away!! Cool I’ll head to your post now 😀

      I just love having more spare parts haha!!

    • thanks 😀 I love the old school SDs haha brings back lots of good old memories!! Wished I had kept my own SDs last time sobz….

    • Hehe ^^ Its chinese new year and ppl are clearing their old stuff 😀 If you have gunpla I am more than willing to take them in haha!!

      Start psycho your cousins to build gunpla, then start them on seamline removal for first build…then if they find it hard you know where to give them to haha!!

    • Ah I am very glad that they didn’t throw them away ^^ Haha yes most of them are still in quite good condition! I love the mini SDs! Very classic 😀

    • Not very likely there they are going to release MGs for seed series…unless the Gundam seed movie comes into fruition which sad to say isn’t coming….

      But blitz is a very nice design 😀

  4. I don’t think I would be able to simply take kits off other people like that. With gunpla especially, It’s all about the building process for me. And, for some reason, I just can’t get into painting gunpla properly…

    Glad to hear that a fair few of them survived the trip. Looking at the first pic, I wondered if any of them managed to get by unscathed!

    • Man you are not the only one with painting problems

      *stares at my 3 primed kits….

      Definitely its the building process that engages me! But luckily he didn’t do any seamline removal so I can still take these kits apart for scrapping ^^ But i’ll try to save the Cgue and Dom. Really loved those 2!! I am very fortunate that only the tallgeese 3 and wing zero ended up like that….they were really old!!

  5. Aw, poor Wing Zero. Though I don’t really fancy it. Neue Ziel’s a great find though. Sieg Zeon. It’s always been my dream to paint a Neue Ziel pink.
    Stiil, a bag with other gunpla is the worst place for a gunpla to be, imo. I fear the scratches.

    • A pink Neue Ziel hmm….reminds of me that concert version Zaku in Gundam Seed destiny 😀 Luckily these weren’t painted so it is still okay to be in a bag but just take some extra precautions ^^ Currently all of them are now residing a in nice white box waiting to be salvaged 😀

  6. sweeeeeet! one mans trash is another mans treasure… well it was once his treasure XD sucks to hear your cousin isnt into gunpla anymore (will any of us share the same fate in the future?) but glad to hear he donated them to you instead of tossing them ^^ lol the first thing i noticed was the Neue Ziel, awesome! 😀

    bigger graveyard = budget increase for your future project ^_~

    • When bad news for him but good news for me 😀 Well said man ^^ If you happen to not want your gunpla you know where to find a nice owner XD.
      Not too sure if this Neue Ziel is the same as yours though. Yours look way much better and more detailed!!!

      Bigger graveyard = more mods 😀 !!! Yes!!!

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