GN Arms Mari Custom Mark 1!!

I was thinking of how to mod a GN Arms version Mari for a very long time ever since I got her ๐Ÿ˜€ If Exia could have a GN Arm why not Mari ^^. Interestingly Bd77 is also working on a Raystorm construct which was also the source of inspiration hehe.ย  Well this is a result of one whole afternoon of bashing and another fruitful trip from the Gundam graveyard!!

And overview of Mari’s GN Arms Custom Mark 1. Recognize the parts?

The cock pit area. Nice little space for her to fit nicely ^^

The back can swerve up and down to lock Mari in.

Overboost thrusters for that quick entry into combat

Missile pods and additional laser turrets beneath!!

The retractable main cannon ^^ And also Mari’s preferred choice of destruction. When folded it is in short burst mode

When fully extended, it will come with sniping cheapshot capabilities!!

Kinda reminds me of Wing Gundam haha..

Additional wings to stabilize the GN Arm

Well Mari is one happy customer ^^

Chubbybots : Well Mari chan we will do the weapons test tommorrow…

Mari : Noooo… I want now!!! And no excuses…

Chubbybots : No Mari I got a show to catch….

Mari : Okay fine…(Huffs…)

Mari : Gn Arms, Mari Custom, deru!!

Chubbybots : Erh Mari what are you doing…that is an experimental engine we are talking here

Mari : Screw you! I am gonna test it on YOU now!!!

Chubbybots : (Not again….)

Mari : Mari Custom, zen buki tenkai!

Mari : Full burst mode FIREEEEEE!!!!!

Chubbybots : Till the next posttttttt…….


52 thoughts on “GN Arms Mari Custom Mark 1!!

  1. This is one sweet mod. XDDD The parts look like they are taken from different mech kits, but they come together so nicely that it looks like they were made to be assembled into that GN Arm Mari-custom. XDD I like!!

    The fact that those missile pods open up to reveal missile bits make it even more awesome. Nice!! *_* No wonder Mari-tan is so anxious to try it out. XD

    • Lol thanks! Yep they are all from the graveyard ๐Ÿ˜€ I had a fun time selecting the parts for the kit bash for all that whole stash!!

      Haha the missile pods are really nice aren’t they ^^ too bad she had to try on me first!!!!

  2. ooooh God… THAT IS FINE JOB~! @_@
    Very creative of you, and thanks for the linkback. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The only parts I could recognized is the ZAFT’s Zaku Firebee missiles backpack and a of wings from Freedom Gundam.

  3. Hehe watching you work on that Rayforce (lol) erh I mean Raystorm ship kinda got me brainstorming on a ship instead of a mech! Hehe giving credit to the source of my inspiration is a must!!

    My initial plan was to do something like a Keroro Mk 2 robo but haha…You are spot on with the 2 parts ^^. The rest are from a mixture of 2 hgs, a certain kero ki\t and an MG ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!

    • As my R-Gray1 progress, I’m recalibrating my sights (resting my eyes) as the central fuselage is bloody complicated. When that done, I just need to the arm spars, join them up and job done.

  4. This is more like a G-armor..Giroro robo MK-2+Strike freedom+Blaze zaku phantom+the battle ship from the sangokuden+Throne Zwei+Aile strike…if i not wrong^^

  5. dude that is a masterpiece! you assembled one heck of a machine, very nice GN arms mari custom. i only recognized the Freedom wings lol …let the destruction begin!

    you sure you can survive anymore encounters with Maritan? lol

    • Haha thanks!! Glad you guys like it..took some time to select the parts to bash! The destruction wise has already started with me…

      And yes I can’t survive another Maritan post…..blasted twice…sobz….ouch that hurts!!!

    • Haha thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ Probably I think after seeing that awesome kit bash at Bakuc 2009 haha I wanted to try out something like that!

  6. LOL, another tragic end for chubbybots ^_^
    If you buy another version of Mari, your life is going to be very interesting.
    And the kitbash is awesome, a breakthrough for nendo lovers!

    • Haha I am still very much alive mate :D.

      Indeed one Mari is already hell…if you have 2….

      And coming from you, nah my humbles works are nothing compared to yours! But as for nendos I think this is a first! haha

  7. Wow, that’s really awesome!!! Kit bashing so much kits together to form such an awesome piece of work. Mari’s really lucky to have an awesome owner like you! XD

    • haha thank you! You should give kit bash a try ๐Ÿ˜€ its really fun !!! Trying to do something different by fusing Nendo with gundam mods ^^ since I love both of em ๐Ÿ˜€
      Indeed she is lucky, but even luckier to have regular readers like you guys^^ The Toy Room will be so cold without u guys and gals hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I do have the Zeta Plus C1, took a good 30min to change from one mode to another. Its now collecting dust on my table (even if I dust it off from time to time).

      Nendo-sized Hummingbird + Raspberyl with magic + Keroro with gunplas = war of figurines, a long one at that.

      • Zeta Plus C1!! Is that the grey version? As for Raspberyl she will have a slightly different ride hehe…

        Keroro is already with Mari-tan…kinda being reduced to the junkyard collector and maintenance crew at the moment. As for that Zeta Plus C1 wouldn’t it make a nice ride for your race 4koma? haha

        • No way. >_<
          Took me a good 30 min just to change it to MA mode with bits falling out. Besides, it’ll take a of space due to the Smart Beam Gun’s barrel’s length.

          Unless, Yoko “persuades” me… >_>

    • Lol now where can i get a nice Blaze Wizard booster…I remember seeing it at Bugis!!! Nendo sized Hummingbird lol!!! That will be crazy

      Or a Nendo Dendrobium!!!

    • Haha thanks, you are not the only one ๐Ÿ˜€ most of the parts are from very old mechs. But Zhijian actually managed to nail down every part!!

    • Hehe thanks!!! Kit bashing is very fun!!! I am already have plans for a mark 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

      Its is soooo hard to avoid Mari!!! She is so cute and I am still blissfully looking at her while she is arming herself…this is call bleeding for your hobby!!!

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