Another Nendoroid invasion?!

Munchy was taking a nice stroll this friday afternoon looking for food. Unexpectedly he spots this really juicy chicken on the floor….

Munchy : wants…

Munchy : Oh i can already feel the juicy bits…

Unknown Figure : hehehehe…

Unknown Figure : Now come here you cutie, I know you want this…

Unknown Figure : I know you want this hehe

Munchy : My mommy says never to take stuff from strangers…hmm come to think of it when did I ever had a mommy…

Unknown Figure : Since you like it sooo much i’ll just let you have it for free ^^

Munchy : If you insist…I can’t resist!!

Unknown Figure : Here you go..

Munchy : You sure you don’t want this? Its is really good…

Unknown Figure : Nah its all yours! Just enjoooy your lasttt I mean nice meal…(It will be your last once I am through with you!!)

Unknown Figure : Now since I am short of Prinnes he will have to make do as my new slave…

Unknown Figure : Demon book chapter 12 de arimasu!! (Damn it I should stop watching that irritatingly irresistible green frog show…)

Unknown Figure : Damn you Goodsmile Company!!! The writings are so small!!!

Unknown Figure : Luckily I am prepackaged with Transition Optics, healthy sight in every light ^^ Now on for that spell casting…

Chanting : …, rashberries…

Chanting : Bananas…

Chanting : Durians…

Chanting : PEARS!!!, PINEAPPLE!!!

Chanting : APPLEEEEESSSSS!!!!!

MunchyΒ  ………..

Unknown Figure : Now take me to the rest of your rag tag gang!! I got an army to build!!’

Raspberyl : Now the whole Toy Room shall know the might, cuteness and charm of Raspberyl!!

Well this concludes Raspberyl’s opening ^^. And I love you so much Karen for this very very wonderful gift!!! (There is another nendo hehehe!!) Currently I am still sanding my SD Tashici….will take a long time so hehe this will act as some nice fillers. I highly doubtΒ  anyone would be interested in a post about sanding..

Damn looks like the ugly dolls fraction got conquered by Raspberyl…and Maritan on the kero team…just when I though things couldn’t get worse…

Chicken anyone?

Till the next post!

Just a small update ^^ If you are wondering why her chanting is in fruits it is inspired by Rockleelotus post hehe..

32 thoughts on “Another Nendoroid invasion?!

    • Who doesn’t love chicken…lol in fact I am eating KFC now haha!!!! Ah I do have one more Nendo but still thinking how to post her up πŸ˜€

  1. Ahhh Raspberyl!! I really like the pic where she’s all “NOW TOY ROOM WILL KNOW MY AWESOME >8D”. xDD You can almost hear her evil laughter.

    I like the book lmao. It’s got TEETH. And very soon you’ll amass an army of Nendos… XD

    • That book is also my favorite prop!!!With the teeth this is the first book that actually bites! plus the glasses haha!! I loving this nendo more and more πŸ˜€ And indeed of all the shots I took that was one of my favorite one!!

      The Toy Room filled with Raspberyl’s insidious laughter….hahaha…

  2. Ohhhh God….. They’ll be a Nendo wars. Soon…
    I’m betting there’ll be three factions, but when you said there is another… I can’t wait to see the developments.

    p.s. “If you insist…I can’t resist!!”, That’s a good one.

    • Haha very smart guess my friend ^^ The third fraction will involve a certain gundam party….

      The toy room is getting hotter….watch out for that all out all Nendo war!!!!

      Ps : that phrase was mentioned by a colleague πŸ˜€ I just couldn’t resist adding it here!

  3. your nendos are all making a very notable entrance! Raspberyl is so awesome, she really does have great props. transition optics to read the small text in the book LOL
    man, your stories are great and you add nice effects too. thx for the link back ^^ that was one healthy spell that was cast! de arimasu πŸ˜›

    • haha thanks dude ^^. I want to make good entrance for them since I love them so much haha πŸ˜€ Kinda of like little kids^^ And indeed I did not expect so much props to come with her including that transition optics. The spell was healthy but the effects were poisonous!!! APPLES!!!

    • Lol didn’t know you were into Nendos, looks like I am not alone haha ^^ Man the whole K-on gang!!!

      But with all your big buys this year I can understand your wallet’s condition !!

      • LOL I think this is the first time I spent so much on “toys” alone this year. I mean, before gundams all I did was spend on games and now with gunpla taking over my wallet is indeed in a bad condition xD

        I guess I’ll look at Nendos next year, hopefully by then my wallet’s in a better shape than now πŸ˜‰ ahahhaha

        • Haha well I can tell!!! Your purchases are huge purchases! come join in the nendo gang buahahah!!! (next year of course!)

          Now I completely have to reply on psyching my brothers to get the PS3 games instead (buahhaa…so I can play!!) My entire budget is split priority GF first followed by Hobby πŸ˜€ Got to take care of the missus too you know πŸ™‚

    • Oh thank you!!! It took some time to do those and glad you like em πŸ˜€ Indeed she is very very poisonous lol haha both with her spells and cuteness πŸ˜› Just got to love Nendos hehe ^^

    • Haha thanks! Glad you like it ^^ Indeed Raspberyl is very cute and lovely πŸ˜€ My favorite Nendoroid of the moment hehe!

  4. Definitely, your little stories are cleverly imagined. Bravo!!!
    I would be happy to do a banner exchange with you and also to invite you to participate into the photo contest organized on Lylibellule. πŸ˜‰

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