A weird box arrives….keroro investigates!

A certain weird pink box arrives in the Toy Room and Keroro investigates…..

Well that concludes this post! Looks like life in the Toy Room won’t be the same again!

Till the next post!

Ps : Credit goes to Rockleelotus with his daily Nendodroid poisoning lol!!

42 thoughts on “A weird box arrives….keroro investigates!

  1. LOL yes! KeroroXMaritan XD poor Kero will have it tough now, loved her grand entrance! i didnt expect you to pick her up so quickly, congrats on your first nendo! Maritan is awesome …so when is the next one coming?

    the poison is good huh ^^;; the Toy Room will definitely never be the same!

    • Yes among my huge stash of keropla and gundam all of a sudden you see Maritan popping out! lol. Kero is defintely screwed for now…maybe he might scheme to topple over the reign of Mari 😛

      In fact I wasn’t expecting to find Mari so fast! But when I saw her on the shelve with a reasonable pricing I knew I just have to grab her!!! Lol not so soon on the next one…but that is a good question…(Looking through the list that you gave me…)
      And yes indeed ^^ Sweet poison lol!!! Definitely will be different for future photo shoots in the Toy Room!!

        • Why!!!! Omg damn you goodsmile for all your cute nendos argh!! Thanks for the info ^^

          Well you will definitely see Jie tan erh I mean Kero kun with Maritan 😀 Nemesis hehe ^^ Don’t forget there is still Giroro and Tamama in da house. Wonder how they will react….hmm..

    • Hehe, wasn’t expecting to see her while doing window shopping at the local hobby shops! They even have Kureha too…hard choice!!!

    • Resistance is futile in front of GSC company and the army of cuteness!!!! Nendoriods are much better than collecting the petit ones though. They can change their expression, hands, equipment (I have a few ideas on adding haha!!). Makes for a lot of nice stories 😀

  2. Holy cow. Keroro got p0wned, by a girl… With a nasty energy rifle… Now your gunplas and others will have “tough” time ahead. 😀

    Put a girl with a nasty rifle (or tentacles, worse) into a room of guys order and discipline will emerge. LoL.

    • Haha he got owned pretty bad….looks like his MK1 Robot will be stuck in the repair bay for a long time. Giroro and Tamama are starting to get worried. My Gunplas are not taking it too nicely and are arming themselves at this very moment as we speak!!!

      As for that certain tentacle hehe…..

  3. muahahahahhahaha….. welcome to the community!! hahaaha.. cool.. din expect you to get this so fast!!! bought it at sunshine plaza? congrats!!! im sure maritan will have more camoe scenes in the future!! ^^

    • hAHA definitely feels like home 😀 I did not expect to get it that quick myself…passed by the hobby shops at Plaza Sing and saw Maritan!!! Just quickly grab ^^ By the way is $58 a good buy or am I paying too much. Never really know the prices of nendos. But nevertheless, she is so fun to photo and play with. Definitely you will see her and her bully antics!!

      • hahah.. oh.. nice GET!!! $58 is the norm for retail i think… the distributor in SG sells it at $55… so three bucks more.. treat it as tips ba.. XD BUT if you really wanna get new nendoroids.. you shld preorder it from Toysntoys.. they charged like $48 for preorders… so its a very good deal!! =) yeahh.. looking forward to more maritan’s bullying antics!! ^^ enjoy your nendoroids!~

        • Haha ah thanks ^^ At least I know I am not ripped off too much!!! I been to toys n toys…man their collection is huge…so many tempting shiny things that I can buy…
          Hmm I’ll look into preorder the next time round 😀 $48 is very good for me and my wallet haha! Don’t worry, she has more bullying coming up !!!

    • Haha I love that video its so crazy…wonder how my English will fare under her 😀 Woah you also collect Nendos? Thought you collect mainly the Kamen rider and Figmas 🙂

    • Haha initially I thought they were just cute…but somehow I keep seeing post of them and they grew even more endearing …. and indeed they are expensive so one must be picky ^^

        • HAha well that was what I thought of initially ^^ Maybe I have come to a different stage where I have most of the kits i wanted (at least for this year) so I want a little big something different ^^. Yea I didn’t buy the finisher too…quite ex and will be over kill 😀

  4. congratz on your first nendo!
    And thx for teaching me how to insert image, “the toy room” is already displayed with an image now ^_^. Will do the rest tomorrow.

  5. get screwed up in a single blow eh…I expected more from keroro actually but oh well…

    this is a very nice nendo! a perfect choice for your first one! hope we’ll see more stories from her (and also more nendos from you 😆 )

    • Haha thanks!!! Well keroro is pretty weak…but I guess he got too fascinated with that red charging that he forgot to evade!!!
      Indeed she is a very nice, in fact perfect fit for my gundams due to her militaristic nature ^^. Definitely you will see more of Mari-tan in the future 😀 (More nendos are a definite yes!!! Just can’t get enough of them!!)

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