Desktop Backdrop toy photography

Been busy with my son’s one year birthday recently. Also coupled with other obligations, could hardly get any gunpla done. But luckily I managed to sneak in some time to dwell in my second hobby – toy photography hehe. This time round, instead of using just the normal backdrop, I opted to use my desktop screen saver as a backdrop for my toys.


I raised the toy in level with my desktop with my gunpla box. The position of my lightsource is the aqua yellow bottle that you see here which will provide lighting. Set up the camera on a tripod and switch off the lights in the room..and shoot away!!


I am quite suprised by the results, really adds another avenue for your toy photography! For those who have done it do share your tips and experiences. Would love to hear them!

Till the next post!




40 thoughts on “Desktop Backdrop toy photography

  1. I like the one with the Zoids, very matching.

    Heh, reminds the time I’ve done that with Marisa aiming the Twin Buster Rifle with a picture of a moon on my LCD behind her. =)

      • oh hey, what kind of camera are you using? you might wanna use a timer for each shot instead of pushing the button, eliminates the shakiness.

        • Hmm been using the same camera since 2 years back haha. Actually I wanted to use my tripod but my brother used it. Have to hand hold but I think the timer is a good suggestion for the next photo shoot!

    • Haha wow, thats really a very generous compliment bro!! I remember that post! Its been such a long time since then haha. Your skills have also vastly improve since I always see you making great pictures in your flicker stream ^^

  2. very nice results, the lighting works well with the first two subjects. the last shots with the Zoid are awesome, if you have an optical mouse try pointing the red light on it for more fiery effect 😀

    i did this with my Nendogelion preview shots… a major project that is on hiatus for almost 2 years now? xD

    • buhaha nice idea on the optical mouse! Haha any chance of resuming your Nendogelion project. Seriously its really a wonderful idea don’t let it go to waste!!!

  3. Ha Ha! I used to play this trick for my toy photo shooting, with some extra lighting support at both side, the result will become more interesting, try it, bro! 🙂

    • Whoa thanks for the tip!! Hehe gonna try lighting the other side to as you suggested!! Its so fun using the LCD as a backdrop, can save on time travelling haha..

  4. Using water bottle as a reflective light source? That’s interesting. Only tried doing silhouette images but this involving a small portion of light coming from the front is a first time. May try that sometime in the future!

    • Ah the water bottle is just an indication of the position of the light source haha…my son is using the light at the point of this post, that is why I had to use the bottle to substitute,

  5. Hmm..nice idea!! I might try that some time… hmm.. Some people tried doing it using Ipad too! But I don’t have one.. I plan to combine your technique with my softbox.. but I still don’t know how..

    • Thanks!! ah I find that using the desktop, it has a better effect if the room is dark and you use other light source for the figure. Maybe like what Janus suggeseted using maybe 2 light sources by the side instead of my current set up!

  6. Nice results! You know, this reminds me of how long it has been since I tried using my desktop as a backdrop. I used to do it pre-Nikon with a snap and shoot and got decent results a couple of times, I should really try it out again soon, as I have a few ideas I’ve been putting off.

    • Heh thanks! I think the possibilities are endless! I also thought of using the TV as a background before haha combined with foreground items like small rocks to give a more realistic feel 😛

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