Hg Zeydra Snap fit!

Just finished this awesome looking kit straight out of the box. I will be participating in ZD’s Zeydra group build with this kit. In the mean time, I couldn’t resist snapping him away haha…..even for a snap fitted kit…it just looks great straight out of the box. Plus this marks my first protagonist unit from the Gundam Age series.



Well next will be a tutorial on pla plating keke. Hopefully can get it done by the weekend!!

Till the next post!


27 thoughts on “Hg Zeydra Snap fit!

    • Hmm so far i feel the story of a 3 generation arc is refreshing. Personally the 1st arc of the Flitz is a bit slow. Only the last few episodes its where the fun begins. So far for the 2nd arc its pacing and story getting better. The 2nd generation villains are taking on a more humanoid form this time round which i really like haha.

      Do give Gundam Age a shot. Its not as bad as some make it out to be!

  1. and wow

    minor detailing with this kit is enough, me thinks this kit shines even OOTB.

    plus it gives enough room for an LED mod for the chest if you plan to do it someday

    • haha leds would really add another dimension to this kit ^^. One of the better looking straight build kits from the AGE line so far!!

  2. Suddenly a wild Zeydra appeared!

    Oho you got it too lolz.. nyahaha.. awesum!

    this kit is not dissapointing.. me rike! still doing snapfitting it haha.. not finish yet..


    I feel something staring at me lol



    • Haha well the interesting designs so far that I liked where the age 1 titus, zeydra and the grunt unit adele. Ah thought age 2 is quite the looker haha..

  3. I think you meant antagonist in the first paragraph, haha! But that aside, the Zeydra is indeed a very Char-nostalgia-invoking mobile suit. It’s silhouette even harkens that of the Sinanju.

    Makes me wonder what kind of homages are they gonna make in the final generation… 😀

    • haha i threw my vocabulary back to my teacher when i graduated 😛 Most likely a ZZ homage giving the design of the AGE 3 haha. But if there is Age 4 lol…..maybe a unicorn 😛

      • Yup, the ZZ Gundam homage is basically a given… was wondering on how the enemy suits will look like… ^^;

        And I think an “AGE-4” would more likely be a Nu Gundam homage, haha!

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