MG Sandrock Snapfit done!

Just finished snap fitting my Master Grade Sandrock that my son choose in spectacular manner 😛 Quickly took some pictures of this really beautiful kit …can’t wait to get the rest of his other companions haha…I won’t say much till I finish the decaling and panel lining next week. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Till the next post!





44 thoughts on “MG Sandrock Snapfit done!

  1. **still waiting for those HG After Colony kits, wahahaha**

    Anywho, I know you said you won’t reveal much, but will this be a straight build or another one of those great-opportunity-to-customize type of kits? 😀

    • Haha well who knows, maybe they might get some love in the RG line 😛 Nah it will just be plain vanilla panel lining, top coat keke

  2. Sandrock looks good! I somehow feel that it’s the more overlooked one among the 5 Gundams. I like the low angle shots, as if it’s towering over your desk!

    • Thanks! Usually me thinks the more popular ones are Wing and deathscrythe among the five of them. Actually if they gave him a cloak it will be so much better like the EW version!!!

    • Haha well its a very iconic anime for me too 😛 The wing series and the later 6 part ova versions are just too good keke…

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