22 thoughts on “LBX Odin Completed

    • Nah bro….I actually used all the stickers lol!!!! Only certain parts were handpainted hehe…

      I actually thought the weapons could be held seperately initially >_<. Nothing like using left over sprues for the cheap mod 😛

    • Ah those yellow parts are stickers as I ran out of yellow haha. This kit is quite easy to paint and I used all of the stickers that came with it ^^

    • Actually this kit has seamlines but I converted some of them into panel lines. The head has one, the weapon itself, the arms and legs. But by virtue of its design its not really that noticeable!

    • Haha so far no plans on any story for him. But anyway i only handpainted some of the missing colors using gundam markers. The rest i actually used the stickers lol.

    • Haha, well I do like the idea of the lancer but somehow dual weapons appeal more to me 😛 You are right about my soft spot haha…I sometimes like cute stuff !

    • Thanks! I have lots of spare decals its a waste if i don’t use them 😛 Of course i won’t want to spam too much though haha…this isn’t ver KA ^^

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