Musha Keroro Robo Completed!

A Another simple little project for the weekend. My little Musha Keroro Robo done with stickers and lots of gundam markers for the missing colors ^^. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Pider on!!!!

Yo you behind the wall, its time you show yourself!Bah Keroro, its time I replace you as the mascot for this site! Meet you maker!!

Suzuki San, you…

Messed…With the wrong frog!

And this Suzuki San is for


My feature!!!

Kerokerokero, now with him out of the way I can ride to the nearest gunpla store…

Hmm where is that turbo booster Kururu told me…


Hope you guys enjoy this photo shoot as much as I do! Haven’t been doing something like this for a long time. Hehe and for this with Nendos you can do this ….

Till the next post!!

25 thoughts on “Musha Keroro Robo Completed!

  1. Ohoho… Keroro got himself a new toy and … Suzuki-san messed with the wrong frog. XD

    How’d you do the effect on picture number 5? Or did it fell by chance?

    Cirno: Ohhh~ A frog~

    (note: Cirno likes to freeze frogs at random)

    • Ah it happen that he fell of the blue tag while I took the shot. It had such an interesting effect when i process the picture I decided to keep it.

      I think i better have keroro stay away from Cirno lol…..frozen frog doesn’t sound like a nice thing 😛

  2. Yay, chubbs’ mini story ^^
    it’s been a long time since your nendo stories

    btw I found the silicone rubber at art friend, but it’s wallet draining….

    • Thanks! I had slightly more time this weekend haha so figured why not have a bit of a fight going on 😛

      Yep this one can combine with the others! I might get them when I see good prices haha

  3. I know this is kinda late but Happy 9/11 Day, it’s rather unexpected for it to happen during Sundays especially during it’s 10th anniversary: a day the world remembers forever (not counting the 4th of July).

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