LBX Odin – Snapfit Review

A little small acquisition that I got this month. The LBX Odin from a relatively new series that I have been following. Though I have only seen the first few episodes, I have already heard rave reviews from fellow bloggers with regards to the kits themselves , Celestial Gundam – LBX Achilles, Yaya’s version. So with a combination of curiosity and a nice 20% discount I grab it off the shelve. So is this series really that good as they say?

Like the anime where the boxes open up to become battlefields for the LBX, both the top and bottom covers contain little battle fields. Though I don’t really know how to play the game but this is definitely an interesting way of linking in with the anime!

Another big plus! The runners are similar to those you find in the Sangokuden kits. Just twist and the pieces will come out nicely. Though in some occasions I have to use my gunpla side cutter. Also notice apart from the usual markings for each runner like A, B etc. The runners are also labelled by the part like hands or in the case of the picture the feet.

And even the manual itself is fully colored. No traces of any black and white pages….this is really high production value…

Height comparison with my RG Strike.

Articulation is pretty nifty…

Splits no problem!

Gorgeous sculpt.

Overall, I am very impressed with this kit! Can’t wait to collect more kits from this line!

Till the next post!

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29 thoughts on “LBX Odin – Snapfit Review

  1. Haha well this kit actually has a lot of painting to do if I am not gonna use the stickers 😛 But I am just going to do some minor painting ^^.

  2. Small yet power-packed unit, this LBX… Judging from their very simplistic yet articulated parts, I can imagine you can mix-n-match them from other units… Heee~

    • Yep you are absolutely right on the part switch. From what I understand each part has different hp and power levels so you can customize your own LBX ^^

  3. What is the series which these LBX kits came from? I’m interested in getting one but I’m rather busy with my Kotobukiya models (damn you, Nineball Seraph).

  4. Just recently resuming kit building so I bought a few of the first/older released kits (Achilles + Kunoichi) and see if this product line is worth getting addicted over then.. you know what’s next, a hole in the wallet, oh and an additional display cabinet. ^^

    • Haha luckily I managed to stick to my budget 😛 For the price you are paying for really decent quality! I must say some of their designs are really good except for that weird looking vampire cat…

  5. im planning to get LBX model lits. plus LBX custom marker sets and line panel as well..however i never used markers on model kits before. but i want to try paint lbx at least because i want to plus..i hate stickers. >.><

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