Week of toy photography 4 – Day of the Super Robots!

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Took some pictures of my little growing collection of SRW robots. Given that I am a daddy now, gunpla will have to take a back seat for the moment. Luckily I can still take some shots of my favorite toys haha. I accquired the SRC Altisen a long time ago together with revoltech Getter Robo and Gunbuster from Amiami. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and have a good weekend!

Till the next post!

Daddy Chubbs πŸ˜›


28 thoughts on “Week of toy photography 4 – Day of the Super Robots!

  1. oho, nice collection πŸ˜€ i must admit the SRC Alteisen looks very nice (with the heathorn effect some more) but the price doesnt want to be with my side ^^;;

    • If i compared getting the progressive version from kotobukiya it is even more expensive lol!!! Bandai really did a great job for this one and its really worth the price.

    • Ah the Mazinger Z and Altisen are from the SRC line. The rest are revoltechs cept for the Eva unit which is a bandai model kit ^^.

      So far with the help of my confinement nanny and mom in law we have learned a lot on how to handle our little one haha, but still its a steep learning curve!!

    • Ah its from the 2.0 movie version. The articulation for this one is close to what you get in revoltechs! But still a lot of work required to get rid of the seamlines though…

    • Haha, doubt I’ll let baby into the toy room for the moment πŸ˜› Probably when he is older haha! Don’t want altisen to accidentally poke him πŸ˜›

  2. revoltechs and SRC really do blend in well. Same size and colour accurate but not the materials and price though. ^^
    What’s that eva-01 on show?

    • Ah the Eva 01 is a model kit version (the 2.0 movie version) from Bandai, I snapped fitted it and just placed it on my computer desk πŸ˜›

      Surprisingly SRC is quite small and they do indeed blend very will with revoltechs. Though SRC is a bit pricier but they are definitely worth every cent!

    • Haha thanks. But think this will be the collection limit for the time being πŸ˜› Ah can’t quite remember the name of my wireless router at this point ^^; thought it looks like one of those eva cables!

  3. Nice pictures! Hey, I just added you to my blog, sorry it took so long, for some reason I kept meaning to, but then something came up and I forgot.

    Anywho, you’re linked, now.

    • Haha well, still trying to find a suitable schedule to do both my hobby and take care of the baby! But the little one will have to come first πŸ˜›

    • Hehe i guess my love for this series got rekindled watching OGS inspector πŸ˜› Super robot chogokin its really a class of its own. Chogokin level of quality with a price slightly higher than revoltech πŸ˜›

  4. Guess what, this post re-ignites me to my original, hot-blooded, heaven piercing interest on all things Super Robot (my 1/100 Alteisen is on the mail today xP).

    Unstoppable, overpowered, indestructible, Super Alloy: nothing that your standard Gundam can do.

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