Life as a daddy…and out goes my hobbies?!?

Officially its been one month and a week since Warren came out. A life changing experience I must say and a happy one at that! Its a whole lot different coming back from work now since I always can look forward to a little play session with my son haha. Just one little smile from him can certainly banish all that stress from work!

Yet some part of me still yearn for those good old days where I can come back, do some gunpla, blog, play a bit of games after work. Still trying to find my sense of balance in everything. Of course with my new little growing buddy around, some things just got to change.

A friend once told me once your baby comes out you can literally kiss your competitive starcraft 2 days goodbye. How true that was haha.Β Still I managed to squeeze in a game or two with friends so I can still dip my feet slightly in my favorite game. Plus I can sneak in some youtube videos of pro players while shaking my little one in his ‘yao lan’.Β For future fathers, this is a must get. In fact its a life saver to spare yourself from your babies’ high alto singing sessions in the night.

With regards to gunpla, modifications, mass spray painting have very much taken a back seat. In fact, I decided to switch from lacquer paints to acrylic and gundam markers as they are less poisonous. Won’t want to have my little one breathing those fumes at such an age. What I now do is straight assemble my gunpla while watching over Warren in his crib, paint them in aΒ separate room once my fabulous wife takes over haha. In fact Harute above is assembled last week hehe in between Warren’s sleeping session.

In addition, I tried to avoid sanding or gluing, both the dust and fumes aren’t good. So its gonna be straight build and some minor detailing in the weeks to come. Perhaps when he is older i’ll switch back to mods (I can already hear the cries from my WIP kits in the box lol…..)

Luckily for me, I can still indulge in a little bit of toy photography those its very much limited to my desk for now since most of the spaces in the house are filled with baby stuff πŸ˜› I would say I am now in stage where by I am stuck in a rut. Not much ideas for stories or photography due to all these little adjustments but hopefully once we get a schedule down with our little gunpla meister in the making I can get some spare time to resume work on my stories again.

Also, funds and time will be limited so this year you probably see me feature more of completed figures like revoltech (gunbuster above ^^), super robot chogokins and nendoroids. Plus, I might venture out into getting robot damashi figures like the GM Sniper II which Dennis recently featured hehe. Plus using completed figures for stories is so much easier!!

Blogging wise, I hope to be able to post at least twice a week. (Hope it won’t end up like 2 in a week lol!) and I really want to thank those regular readers who keep coming back despite the lack of activity here. Things will change and expect more interesting stuff around when you come back ^^.

Till the next post!




42 thoughts on “Life as a daddy…and out goes my hobbies?!?

  1. oho, now he’s one month eh πŸ˜€ good to see how you can still pick things up despite having more stuff to be taken care of. have a nice life ^^ both family, gunpla and gaming XD

    • haha well have to learn how to multi task and take care of the family as well. In fact I seem to be doing things at a much faster pace these days!! Hope that will help my clear my stash and make way for his toys lol!!

  2. It’s normal, we are human after all, priority change over time…. good luck and all the best, hope your baby boy will be healthy and happy always…. don’t worry about those plastic toys, they can wait…. your baby is more precious than those plastic toys…. trust me on this…

    • You are definitely right, priorities definitely change with the new one in the house! And thanks for the well wishes!

      Thank goodness gunpla can be kept for sometime haha as long as I don’t put them out in the sun πŸ˜›

  3. I have kinda stop painting myself on model kit as I do not want my hands to get dirty with paint and carry him when he cried. You should know what I mean since now you are a father now. LOL

    • Haha I definitely know what you meant by that. Very afraid that the paints come into contact with our baby at such a young age!!! In fact I am afraid he might accidentally suck my painted thumb πŸ˜›

  4. Dang, does this mean that I should wait as long as possible before having a kid myself?

    Though you might not have much time building gunpla… you’re building something much more important… a mini-you.

    • Thanks man, definitely the little one comes first haha. But at least for now I can take comfort in snap fitting a part or two while watching him when he is asleep!!

      Actually having a kid earlier is much better as you need all the energy you can get to take care of him!!! can’t imagine myself handling him at age 40 compared to now!

  5. I wasn’t surprised with all the lack of activity you have there buddy, as everything you’re experiencing now learning experiences πŸ˜€

    good luck on the time management thing, and for sure everything will be easier once you get used to it πŸ˜€

    • Haha I do yearn for the good old carefree days but well its a phase that I’ll have to adjust to! Thanks for the encouragement bro I am sure i’ll find some sweet spot later haha!

    • Oh definitely!!! I am waiting for that day to come!! Luckily I have my old graveyard stash for letting him experiment haha!

  6. It’s never easy having the responsibilities of a dad, work commitment and at the same time enjoying hobbies. I guess you have overflowing ideas on blogging and yet having difficult to delivery it. Nevertheless, I love reading your blog and won’t mind a little wait.

    • Takes a dad to know another bro haha! Yep its tough and at times I do feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest! Somehow blogging and sharing this here helps to clear up some of that pressure πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the kind words bro! That makes me wanna continue blogging for as long as I can!

  7. must get yao lan with spring so it will shake automatically XD

    not easy to balance everything. For my side… work + part time work + other social activities+ toy + etc etc… plan it well so son + father gunpla tag team!

    meanwhile join me and get SRC πŸ˜€

    • Haha for your info that automatic yao lan costs about to MGs lol or two SRCs!! XD

      I am patiently waiting for one release on the SRC…hope they release genesic gaogaiger sometime in the future!! Actually I am hoping for a second child haha…..then it will be black tri star team!!!

  8. Just focus on the little bundle of meat right now as, I’m sure you already know, it is much more important. Rest assured that I won’t hold any of this against you as I know how much care babies need (sister born when I was ten) so I guess it’s a blessing that they are as adorable as they are! Anyway, keep enjoying your hobby long enough and you might be able to bring another fighter to join the good fight!

    • haha definitely will hold out till he comes of age to take over the mantle of my stash πŸ˜›

      Babies do require a lot of time, love and patience! But one thing I am really happy about is my wife being such a capable woman!! That really help a lot with coping with the changes!

  9. I see this as a heads up for future family man like me πŸ˜€ and thank you for that chubbs.
    Life is all about adjusting ourselves with the current condition right? I hope that the time will come when you and your son could do this hobby together πŸ˜€

    • Haha no problem! Actually I feel so much better sharing my experiences out than keeping it to myself. Its but no means easy but at the end of day its all for the love of the little bundle πŸ˜›

      I am so looking forward to that day!!

  10. You at least have something to do if you can’t sleep between his sleep session. ^^
    Keep some Gunpla around so that dad and son can build them together later on.

  11. Haha well but I have to be quite quiet even when i am snap fitting πŸ˜› Can’t push the pegs too loud lest i wake him up!!!

    I reserved the SDs for him already haha!!

  12. Hahaha no worries bro. I am currently going through the same thing as you, haven’t touched a gunpla for more than half a year…. And I am only a student. T_T

    • haha well our hobby priorities will change with time! I know of some friends who gave the hobby up after too long a hiatus! Hope that doesn’t happen to you or me πŸ˜›

  13. waw.. life sure has it owns way to make us change..
    but it’s not bad, because I think everything has it owns portion..

    playing with your son, caring your wife, snap-fitting a gunpla, even playing games.
    I too, having the same problems chubbs, (but I don’t have wife and son yet ahaha).
    but I think because of that limited time, now I can really enjoy the most when snap-fitting a gunpla.. more than ever..

    and who knows maybe later little Warren will be a good modeller like his father eh?

    • Haha, trust me when you have a kid and a wife, things will definitely change but its really for the better. Somehow after being a dad, I tend to be more patient, less impulsive and also learn to enjoy those little pockets of time that I have with my hobby ^^. Hopefully one day I can enter with my some in our local competition haha…..father and son combo is a force not to be reckoned with!!

  14. Warren is such a cutie!

    It’s good that you still have time for a bit of gunpla and photography. As for me, everything else has taken the back seat when the Little ToyPusher came out. I have no regrets though, being a mom could be tough especially for first-timers but it sure is fulfilling and fun! Enjoy parenthood. I guess soon enough little Warren will help you with your kits and stuff. ^^

    • Thanks Xine! I can understand what you are going through having seen what my wife is going through. Usually its the mother that has to give up most of her time for the baby. So what a hubby can do is help out in the housework and do the grocery shopping. Sometimes I also help out with the feeding so that she can have a small little break hehe.

      Like you said, parenthood is definitely challenging but seeing the smile for your little one makes it all worth it! Hopefully I’ll have enough gunpla for him when he comes of age! (Pray i don’t snap fit everything by the time that comes haha!)

  15. Sheesh, I’ve been out of the loop for so long! XD My belated congratulations!! And congrats again on his man yue [hope I got that right XD]. /o/

    I think it’s great that you still keep in touch with the hobbyist in you even with life’s demands. Keep at it – very soon, Warren will be able to join you on the journey of a gunpla meister.

    Congrats again!!!

    • Yo! Where have you been haha! Thats been quite some time out of the loop!

      Haha well its tougher now to actually build gunpla, but what I find useful is actually aiming to build like maybe part by part a day. Like today i work on the main body, the arms tomorrow. Breaking the task down makes it much easier! Life without any hobby of sorts will be terrible!

      I am so looking forward to that day! Now the question is whether he will prefer Earth federation or Zeon lol….Thanks once again!

  16. Warren’s health is always important so be sure to do all the spraying and painting in a well ventilated room or in your balcony. I’m now careful with even sanding my models since I don’t want that plastic dust flying around the house. All the best with your ‘daddy/gunplar schedules’ LOL! πŸ˜€

    • Haha yeah man, I also stopped sanding! I think plastic dust is the worst, especially if you are using very fine grit. You can’t see them and they might get onto your shirt! Wish you all the best too mate!

  17. πŸ˜€

    Glad you’re taking safe way for your hobbies and reduce it’s poisonous fumes.

    I always thought painting gunpla is not healthy.

    and i haven’t touch starcraft 2 in 4 months πŸ˜€

    • Haha those little adjustments that we make for our little ones hehe. Painting is indeed hazardous but with proper steps taken, I am sure i can continue in the future. Haha i noticed that some time back, no plans on coming back for the new season?

    • Haha, well i can only play once in a while when baby is sleeping. Looking forward to HOTS release!!

      Why not play SC2 to destress…squish some hapless opponent once in a while lol!

  18. kinda late on this due to some gunpla-lack-of-passion[i blame kamen rider for this] but its kinda sad that your gonna be on hiatus awhile with your mods.. oh well.. cant be helped? xP.. anyways best of luck as a dad chubs =D

    • Thanks! Well hopefully once things settle down I can dedicate a little space for my mods in the future. For now is just straight build haha πŸ˜›

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