After 9 months…

After a long wait of 9 months and weeks of pre arrival preparations, our little son Warren is finally out and back into our humble little home. Its a great feeling of joy seeing him back in our home. And for the first time, the feeling of a completed family haha….here are some pictures that my wife and I took!

And that warm fuzzy feeling when he looks into your eyes haha. My wife and I can just sit there and watch with amazement at the little stuff that he does. Already, Warren is making funny faces haha..interestingly, my wife has become quite the photographer these days. Already the camera is stuck with her 24/7 to capture those little moments.

(I want milk face!!)

For the time being, there won’t be any updates till I settle my life as a dad. Currently I kept all my gunpla aside for the moment and blogging will be kept to a minimum for the time being. The first few months are the most demanding I have heard but luckily we have an awesome confinement nanny to help us out! Its a surreal feeling becoming a dad within my first year of marriage but I am so glad it happened.

Well back to taking care of my little one!! And thanks to all you readers out there for your great support. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again soon!

Till the next post!


72 thoughts on “After 9 months…

  1. the last pic looked like his head is dangling on an edge xD

    all the best for you and your family man, and finally we can all call you Daddybots 😀

    and doncha worry pretty sure most of us will keep checking here back and forth for any news from ya 😀

    • Definitely worth the wait!!! But you’ll have to give up the hobby for a while during his crucial years of growing up!

  2. Haha congrates bro, now that we’re in the same club, gotta separate the baby budget the gunpla budget, baby budget prioritize more… Gunpla can wait, Like me! hohoho

    • haha hi five man! Haha well to be honest my gunpla/nendo budget completely zero at least for the next few months!! Luckily i have large stash of gunpla to clear 😛

      Budgeting is damn hard when you have a milk monster lol!!

    • Haha thanks bro! On a side note haha… my wife body shape (top half) looks like the ones in your art!! 😛

  3. Congrats chubbs! You are a father!
    For some reason I can’t stop smiling after reading this post….thx for sharing the happiness 🙂

    • Thanks bro!!! Haha, well glad you felt the happiness man! At least for foray into fatherhood isn’t as bad as i thought! 😛

    • haha he ain’t a nendo rock buddy lol!!! Hope i can be have time to blog in the future!! Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Congratulations Chubbs! So this is the face of the next generation Gunplar 😀
    I can understand how it is now, my Hazel custom has gone back into the box 😦
    Have fun with the little guy!

    • Thank you brother! Haha well I can still do my gunpla but strictly no sanding, gluing and painting of sorts for the time being. I basically been on a snap fitting spree haha… hopefully i can get to post that up soon!!

      Hehe my arms are getting a good workout carrying him around!!

  5. I guess that’s what happens in the lives of many other people, everyone must go on to live in a new stage in their lives. With me finished my college and started to look for jobs (actually, I had a job a long time ago) and with you having a family’s life. Other than that, he’s one cute baby. And I’ll be praying for you to blog soon, let’s hope that awesome confinement babysitter will come soon. Living a dad’s life is pretty tough (as I inferred), thankfully nothing is in my way now to increase my shelf population.

    • Yep it ain’t easy to transition to fatherhood haha! But I am loving every moment of it!! I’ll be back to blogging soon once we get the hang of things! But babies can be so unpredictable!!!!

  6. Congratulation to you and your wife!! You Epic masterpiece! Take lots of lots of picture as you can, better capture into video 🙂 after many years pass, when you looking it back, it’s was a priceless moment.

    For you info, do not fire the camera flash too closely, no really good for baby eyes. Especially the DSLR flash gun..

    • thanks for the suggestions dude! Will take note haha! Flash will definitely scare our little one 😛

      Now my wife takes even more pictures than me lol!! Time to source for that video cam!!

    • Haha well I still managed to squeeze some time to play a bit in the evening after we feed the baby 😛 but its a short 2 hr window haha!!

      Rider kick will be a bit hard, i was thinking more of god finger lol!!

  7. Welcome little Warren! You’re so cute!

    Congrats to you and your wife. A friend told me, enjoy your being kept awake… they grow up so fast you will miss those nights. Enjoy parenthood. ^^

    • Thanks for the well wishes Xine! Haha well I don’t mind getting up in the evening to feed him actually! Loving every moment when its just me, him and the milk bottle while walking in the room 😛

    • Thank you so much for the well wishes! Haha his hands are quite strong actually hehe…I think he can start plucking out pieces from the sprues 😛

  8. A late one from me, but congratulations to you!

    Man, being a father really does sound like a big milestone. I would imagine that you will have to spend more time with your family over your hobby, but I do look forward to see you come back now and then!

    • Heh thanks man! It is indeed a big milestone for me. Being a dad now priority will definitely go to my son but luckily I have a very good and supportive wife hence I can still continue blogging! But i do missed those days where I can post like a couple of times a week, now it seems it will be relegated to like once or twice a month instead for now.

    • Congrats to you too! Wow second one….I haven’t get used to my current one yet haha! Hope to see your baby’s photo of flicker 🙂

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