HGUC Gouf Wip 3

Resumed work on my HGUC gouf since it rained the whole day and I am stuck in the house lol.

Added some panel lining to the shoulder armor.

Added some pla plates to the shoulders to make it a bit more interesting πŸ˜›

Added pla plates again to some parts of the lower half.

First attempt and carving out such a big area. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as I thought but however, I’ll definitely need more practice to give it a better shape next time.


Well just some short updates from me today ^^. Will be Β busy with the upcoming Chinese New Year soon!

Till the next post!



37 thoughts on “HGUC Gouf Wip 3

    • Heh thanks! Oh you mean the ones on the shoulder? Those are 0.5 mm pla plates, they can be bend easily without hot water or hair dryer πŸ˜› I just held them in place with my hands for a few minutes while letting the glue settle. Plus its a great workout for the forearms haha!

    • Happy CNY to you too! I saw your message on dropping by in SG. Let me know when you’ll be coming i’ll see whether i’ll be able to make it!

    • Thanks! Ah actually I just use my hands and bend em. Glued them and just hold them in place with my hands πŸ˜› Nothing special haha…

  1. looking better now.. and im very intrigued with what you have in mind.. πŸ˜€

    and yea happy Chinese new year, this year is somewhat my year btw being born on a fire rabbit year πŸ˜€ (yet this year is a metal rabbit?)


    • Ah yes I do wet the entire surface but with thin cement though. But before I apply, I prebend the pla plate before I apply the glue. In that way, it will adhere to the surface much easier.

    • Thanks! Ah getting the hang of it now compared to my previous works πŸ˜› Haha I prefer slightly bulkier shoulders for this ^^

  2. really liking the pla plates on the shoulder! and Lol @ more” outstanding” crotch area comment XD hmmm looking at the panels you added on the shoulder, do you plan to do some color separation with your painting?

    i wanna get back to my Gouf now but no time T_T also he suffered some minor damage a while back when i was clearing my desk d’oh!

    • Thanks bro! Haha well, the gouf custom itself is already quite outstanding on lots of aspect already, one more won’t hurt πŸ˜› Ah I do have something in mind with the color separation after seeing what you did for your gouf!

      Ah been wondering where have your gouf gone too, hope the damage can be salvaged man.

  3. Oh more panel lines and pla plates~ One question though: How do you plan your panel lines and pla plates? Do you plan them on a 2D lineart first before put rough marks on the model itself before cutting / plating (as seen on your previous postings)?

    After finishing 00Q a couple of weeks ago, I think I should start on GN Sword IV for CNY. Hopefully I can make some good progress on it (been catching up on games recently, now back to gunpla)!

    • Hmm actually for panel lines and pla plates, I’ll actually look through websites for good examples of the gouf custom or similar units for the pla plates and panel lines. Using some of references and make some adjustments on my own. I don’t draw on the 2D lineart, I actually cut out some shapes and then test fit on the kit. I find its much better than drawing on the 2D lineart. Once i get something that I like I’ll get done to gluing it straight!

      Happy CNY to you! Hope to see your work on that sweet GN Sword!

  4. those are nice plaplates bro πŸ˜€
    did you use something to hold it on the curve surface while waiting for cement to cure?

    • Thanks bro! Ah I pre bend the pla plate before sticking it to the surface and I held it actually with my hands for a few mins. Plus makes quite a good work out for the forearms haha!

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