I have an alien problem

Chiaki : Sanae chan!! You have to help me…I can’t take it any longer….I have an Alien problem…I always seem to be bumping into them!!

Sanae : Whoa don’t cry…..

Chiaki : You have to help me….(sniff)…I don’t think I can last another day..

Sanae : Don’t worry Chiaki….I’ll lend you one of my mechs to help you out then…

Chiaki : Oh my…you really are a good person…thank you so much….

Sanae leads Chiaki down a long walk way and into her secret lab……

Sanae : Well lets start of with this little Bonta Kun combat suit. Multi purpose, tactical, cute and comes with a nice green hat. Plus makes a great date if you ever need one!

Chiaki : (Not too sure it will make a great date though….) So what are its fighting capabilities then…

Sanae : Well we will have a bit of a demo. Just a simple sniping exercise. And don’t worry about Keroro, that is just a replica I made for target practice.

Sanae : Bonta Kun, aim for the chicken drumstick above keroro’s head.

Bonta Kun : Roger!!

Sanae : Erh….I think I’ll need to rework the targeting system…

Chiaki : ………orz…….

Sanae : I am sure Mazinger Z will fit the bill!

Chiaki : Hmm…but he ain’t cute though….

Chiaki : erh….isn’t that kinda of over doing it Sanae Chan……I kinda fell sorry for that Keroro dummy…

Sanae : haha……..well at least your Alien problems will be permanently gone for good…

Sanae : With Nu Gundam, your problems won’t last for 5 seconds…

Nu Gundam : Target in sight.

Sanae : Well that is all that I have for you. So which one will it be then..

Chiaki : I don’t know, I want something that can both kill and yet look cute….Mazinger is powerful but not my type….Nu Gundam is great but somehow it just doesn’t fit my image….but heh what is that…

Sanae : Oh Bearguy, I almost forgot. I just finished him for my chirstmas project, I think he’ll be perfect for you!

Chiaki : Neat! Missile back pack, Beam Flute, Laser Eye beams and psycho frame to boot!! Plus he looks so adorable!! Sanae Chan can I have him pretty please!

Sanae : Sure no problem! Then Bearguy it is then!

Chiaki : Thank you so much! This is the best gift ever!

Well hope this solves Chiaki’s Alien problems from now on! Hope I have more time for more Nendoroid stories in the future!

Till the next post and Merry Xmas!!








47 thoughts on “I have an alien problem

  1. thing should be best if this happened

    Sanae : WHAT? you decline all of my choices?? you…..ZETTAI YURU-SANAE!!!!!!!!!!!

    touhou stuff are often best when associated with their respective puns XD

    • Lol Yuru Sanae!!!! Man maybe next time consult you for the stories before I post them 😛

      That will make Sanae chan an even worser force to be reckon with compared to the aliens!!

  2. hahaha.. i really pity keroro.. poor soul.. i can see its soul coming out of its mouth.. NICE build you got there!! i dun think i’ve completed much during your absence.. XD anyway, Have a merry merry xmas chubbybots! =D

    • Lol, I think poor soul is trapped in heaven now 😛 I didn’t really do much for bearguy. Just snap fit only haha but he already looks so good!!

      Merry Xmas to you and tako chan!!

  3. wow ninja post. hahahaha.

    amazing story as ever the pictures look very good.. surely beargguy will fit the bill. xD

    me and my buddies are also planning to buy each a beargguy and do a group build.. some ideas already came on our minds we just need to buy the kit itself. xD

    and yea Merry Christmas to you too buddy. hope you have a nice time with your family and friends. ^0^

    • Heh thanks bro!! Merry Xmas to you too man!!!

      Haha glad you like the story. I was lucky I had the time to carry it out that day as I got off early from work! Its cool to do a group build! Wish you all the best!!

    • Plus they both match in colors haha!!! I have another one coming up that will tie in with another bunch of alien attack 😛

      Merry Xmas bro!!

  4. Oh Sanae you (closet mecha lover/alien-exterminator). Always being relentless to your victims (which makes Kanako-sama proud).
    Nice choices in the lab, from cute to overly powerful. And a good choice, Chiaki. =D

    Merry X’mas dude.

    Yuka: Hooo… Another had joined in my rank of sadism?… *grins*

    • Haha, well Sanae is just being herself with her choice of mecha development 😛 Merry X mas bro and haha Chiaki definitely had a ball of with her new bear!!

      Whose Yuka???

    • Lol, I better say to you happy new year and merry christmas also before I forget too! Getting old man lol…

      Yep it is Aliens from the Alien movie!!

  5. Ha! Ha! So, Bearguy had been builded and ready for main role. Ha! Ha! I love some of those pic you have taken the Mazinger Punxh, Fin Funnel and Hi Nu H Gundam shots are great! Merry Christmas bro!

  6. you’re fast, the bearguy is already finished
    nice shots chubbs, you always get good angle!

    the dummy kero doesn’t have voice function? I already heard geeeeerooooooooo when I saw the pics 😀

    • haha actually the bearguy is just snap fitted but already looks very good! I actually haven’t even panel lined it yet haha. He is gonna be used for MAC forums Bearguy groupbuild but that will be due next year. So currently I’ll have bearguy guard Chiaki for the moment haha!

      Damn, I’ll ask Sanae to install in that Dummy keroro some sound effects lol!!!!

    • Merry Xmas!! Haha even their colors also match!!! I am very sure her alien problems don’t require such overkill requirements 😛

  7. The full “Pretty please” quote
    Chowder: Please try it.

    Mung: No, Chowder!

    Chowder: Please.

    Mung: No, Chowder!

    (Dressed like a lady with a lady’s voice)

    Chowder: Pretty please

    Mung: What the…

    That’s probably the only thing I found funny about the series

  8. Nice little story. The way Bonta-kun and Mazinger Z didn’t do the job as expected are quite funny ^^

    And Sanae really does look cute. No wonder coffeebugg wants me to keep an eye out for it ^^

    • Haha one the most adorable nendoroids that I currently have 😛 But she might be a bit hard to get since she is a touhou exclusive. Thanks! Glad you like the story!!

  9. What’s the “Alien” you meant, The Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979)?
    And what happened to your Bear Acguy’s (a name that I made up since I refused to call it Beargguy and I reject all things cute in my shelf, Gundams and Kamen Riders only) mono-eye, it’s not there.

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