So my Sinanju will be….

I was busy looking through my collection of hobby colors when all of a sudden Remilia walked into my room with a little grin….

Remilia : Hi Chubbs, I heard you are deciding on a new color scheme for Sinanju.

Chubbs : Ah yes Rem, and I already see you have a certain color in mind already…

Remilia : Instead of just another out of factory boring red color why not use pink. In fact I’ll be straight to the point, you shall only use pink…

Chubbs : Rem is that another of your mind control tricks again? (Pink seems nice….wait am I falling for her spell already…)

Remilia : I even thought out the secondary colors. Use white for the strips and just stick to the original colors for the joints. White and pink can never go wrong…

Chubbs : In deep thought…but still I think red is 3 times better…

Remilia : ………….well if you don’t want pink…..

Remilia : I’ll just have to make you use it then buhahahah…

Chubbs : yikes….Remilia that is dangerous put that down …..

Remilia : Chubbs, i’ll take it easy on you…just use pink, no questions understand!

Chubbs : (clears throat) yes ojuu sama…..

Remilia : Now thats my boy…..and now….maybe I can start thinking of a pink SD Quanta …ugugugu….

Well so that sets its… Sinanju it is!

Till the next post!


64 thoughts on “So my Sinanju will be….

  1. See? I told you Nendos will play with your mind! Muhahaha!

    but seriously dude I bet your color scheme will rock! All the best πŸ™‚

    • Haha that is why never start one like me…..its an endless road for a collector πŸ˜›

      Thanks! My first attempt at this color….hope it turns out well lol!!

    • I’ll be using the pink straight out of the bottle. I so far haven’t had much experience with mixtures. Perhaps I will attempt that on smaller scale projects like SDs πŸ˜›

    • Ah white is tricky, needs several layers to cover. Ah you using hand painting or spray cans? And lacquer paints?

      Usually when I hand paint I select the right size brush, small brush for delicate areas, big brushes for large areas. As I use lacquer paints, try using the thinner that comes with the retarder, it helps a lot in making the paint smooth. Main thing is patience though, I usually wait about 15 mins before I coat the next layer.

      • actually i am a newbie painter x.x”..
        what i use is hand painting, with mr colour aqueous flat white… btw chubs, how many layers u would apply O.O..

        oh and i got a copy of the “Hobby Japan Feb 2011 with GN sword IV full saber” issue from the bugis Kinokuniya, thanks for the info hehehe… been asking my father to call and ask till one day the cashier told him to come on today [29/11/10]

  2. so Chaki teamed up with Bearguy. i take it Remilia will claim Sinanju… and err anything else she wants through manipulation? Lol you may have to paint your room pink next XD

    A pink Sinanju will be very interesting. i dont think it has ever been done before, looking forward to it!

    • No she might tell me to let my son wear a pink dress lol!!!! Some did do a pink version of the Sinanju but I can’t remember where I have seen it. It isn’t that bad choice of a color actually! Just that its seldom done lol.

  3. I see Remilia there has control Chubby’s fate… in making the Sinanju pink (and being her underling, too).
    The Spear Gungnir, once thrown it’ll hits its mark, even if its hidden…

    I wonder if you’re planning to add them frilly ribbons?… In keeping with the theme. XD

    • I did thought of that but gonna see how its gonna work out according to Ojuu sama’s taste and preferences…still deciding purple or red ribbons instead.

  4. Going pink on a mean monster like Sinanju is definitely a challenge. But there is this saying “only real man knows how to wear pink” πŸ˜€ So I guess it’ll turn out awesome πŸ˜€

  5. Pink Sinanju? go for it!
    i think she wants it colored pink and white so that it will be remilia’s personal Unit. hahaha! πŸ˜€
    Pink Mobile Suits are seldom to find, but it looks definitely GREAT!
    i once colored a hydra gundam (matching remilia’s colors) and for me, it looked nice. (although i suck at hand painting) :3

    • Haha well hopefully it doesn’t turn out like the concert zaku in destiny!! Lots of bling and glitter haha!!

      Thats the thing with gunpla! Just do what you like!

      • hahaha! the personalized zaku for meer campbell( aka lacus), yes!
        for the hydra, i also added shades of red, white and black for that effect. πŸ™‚

        youre right! do as you please. personalize your own mobile suits. (works well as a motto πŸ™‚ )

        go for the SHE-nanju remilia mod. im sure that will be epic! XD

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      • I mean Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Type, I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops while typing so I was preoccupied while I was shooting while typing at the same time. I think it’s more of a pinkish red, with a very dark brownish-red to replace the black parts and black for the lines.

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