Now for that ending…

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the poll! In fact it was nearly a tie but Chiaki gets to live to snack another day ^^. Hope to introduce more interactive stuff with you guys in the future! Hope you guys enjoy this little short ending with my Cosbaby predator :D. Been busy with both work and gunpla so could only take the photos today! So Alien Kebab anyone?

Till the next post!

48 thoughts on “Now for that ending…

    • Haha the predator is really scary when it first came out in the movie! Too bad they don’t have like a cosbaby arnie…then i can do that ‘get to da chopper!’ scene haha!

  1. Oooohh… I approve of the ending. *nods*
    Wait, where did I hear that last part before? Hmm… XD

    Marisa: Geh… No large, fancy-eye popping beams?

    • Oh i remember seeing that line from someone crashing in on a girls dining table haha !!

      Too bad this cosbaby doesn’t come with that plasma gun on it shoulders!

    • Heh thanks Jojo!! I regretted a bit not getting a few more boxes when it was still available!! The other version rock equally!

      I am now quietly waiting for that predators movie to come out!! July quick !!

    • Haha despite his size he just can’t hide his intentions can’t he 😀 Nah she is running so fast it seems like she is floating!

      Thanks! Glad you like this ending haha 😀 But it wasn’t the one you choose right?

  2. predator saves the day!
    but I am worried what will happen next, who knows predator is having his own evil scheme, mwahahahahaha

    • Haha my friend, the predator is only interested in killing challenging targets or aliens 😀 He won’t think so far as to come up with his own evil scheme haha!! But in the toy room…you never know ^^

    • Haha yep the cosbaby version is really cute 😀 Its like the equivalent of a nendoroid. Probably that is why it is so appealing to me ^^

      Hehe more AVP in the future once the big Alien comes out!

    • Heh thanks man! Ah sadly I can’t really think out a gunpla story though within 4 panels….somehow it comes easier with nendoroids or ugly dolls!

    • could you do an alternate ending please? the storyline was going so nice, i kinda wanted to see a chestburster ending. just to see how you would have made it.

      • Ah thanks for showing such great interest in the other ending despite this being such an old story. I’ll see what I can come up with haha…got to find my alien toys again!!!

        • that you so much, i just love AVP. i especially love the Aliens, they’re so sinister. good luck crafting the story, and on finding what you need. i can’t wait to see what you come up with ^_^v

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  5. hey, it silver rain again, just was goning through me umteen number of web posts and this one popped into my mind. have you had any luck with the alternate ending to this? if not its ok, like i said i was going down a list and this just happened to be next.

    • Ah sorry, recently busy with both my family and business. So I am sorry I won’t be able to come up with that alternate ending as much as I would like to! but thanks for your support!

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