My Entry for Optimistic Penguin Contest : Sanae’s Penguin

Hi guys! Just finished taking shots for my entry to Optimistic Penguin 1st anniversary contest! The main highlights of the story? You’ll need a penguin in it haha and 6 X 2 sided panels is the maximum. When hope you guys like my entry Sanae’s Penguin!

Hope you enjoy this little comic by Yoko, Sanae and poor little Keroro ^^ (this is considered his first cosplay haha!!)

Till the next post!

44 thoughts on “My Entry for Optimistic Penguin Contest : Sanae’s Penguin

  1. What the?… That is helping out, literally~!

    Good luck, dude.

    Haruhi: Ne, Yoko. Your nendo self is sneaky. Way to*GARGH~!*
    Yoko: Shut-UP~! *pulls Haruhi’s usagi-mimi*

    • Haha well sanae sort of need a frame to hold all that play doh up ^^ And kero help a lot by being that frame πŸ˜›

      Haruhi!!! Where is she!!

    • I tried looking everwhere for a penguin, even those littlest pet shop toys haha. In the end I figured why not make my own and do short story for that πŸ˜›

  2. that Sanae is really cute… love the green hair ^^,. and what a great way to help someone… hahaha lets just hope he qualifies…

    • Well with the finishing touches of the beak he sure can pass! haha!!

      Just hope Sarah doesn’t mind a green face penguin though lol!

    • Hehe trying out something new like those textured surfaces! I did a bit of pla plating on the Geara but now concentrating on the Sazabi first though ^^

    • Haha you can almost here the sound direct from the anime! By the way hows your garden trip haha, taken any toy photos ?

      • Yes chubbs, when I read stories like this I like to imagine the sound effects XD

        I did take some photos but no toys, and coz the overall lighting is not bright, my photos ended up blurred and the color’s not nice as well..

  3. so thats how you got a Penguin? I forgotten I gave away my Penguin toy to someone sometime back. Guess it is no go for me. LOL All the best!

  4. Another great stuff from you chubby πŸ™‚
    The thoughts of Kero becoming a penguin is pretty cool.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll win!

    • Thanks!! Haha well i figure since i can’t find one might as well make one! And keroro just seem to fit the bill so nicely ^^

  5. If I’m the judge, this is already another potential finalist….. hahahaha…. now we just wait for your submission in “Shewsbury Battle of The 6 Finalist” nonetheless good luck….

    • Hehe still trying to come up with something for the grand battle man! But thanks for the encouragement! Hope my kero penguin can win something back haha!

    • Heh thanks!! Haha i find the idea of having a penguin in the story very challenging though! Luckily I have some playdoh around for this little comic πŸ˜›

  6. Haha, a Kero Penguin, we need a scientific name for the new species xD. Good luck on winning the contest, the story is very creative ^^.

    • Heh thank you! Haha well initially I wanted keroro to sculpt the penguin but it will be funnier if he became the penguin!

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