Raspberyl’s nite out….

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Have been busy working on my family business till I am so sapped of energy by the time I get back home. Not really in the prime mood for gunpla and instead, I took Raspberyl out for a little night photoshoot cum toy photography on top of my front yard light ^^

The shot you see here in fact is one of my failed shots. Tried composing both the moon and Raspberyl into the frame but it didn’t turn out very well due to the lack of lighting. But still I loved this picture and I’ll attempt re shoots again when I have the chance.

Raspberyl all high and mighty!

Attempting to catch her shadow haha….but think i need to improve the composition and lighting again..

Well just sharing my little photoshoot for the night! Hope i’ll be able to get to gunpla proper during the weekends! Till the next post!

36 thoughts on “Raspberyl’s nite out….

    • Heh thanks Leon! Ah actually the set up is quite simple. The figure is back lit by the lamp that you see in the picture. On the front, I have a mirror to reflect some of the light back on to raspberyl’s face.

    • Lol think i got my exposure wrong man lol! Looks like sun summoning …reminds me of a certain dragonball skill though 😛

    • Haha I don’t mind having this cute vampire come over my house ^^ Technically she is more of a demon than a vampire but heh, cute does have its usefulness 😛

      And congrats on the new addition to your family man!

    • Ah actually i m also experimenting. But some tips, use manual focus and if possible a tripod for nightshots. In addition i used a mirror to reflect some light onto raspberyl so that I am able to see more of her face. However this was taken at a high point so i couldn’t use my tripod…

  1. Yah moon shot, your right about the lighting, but it does look like shes freeing some kind ofpalm size firefly

    Can you pull shots like these with a 5.0 Mega Pixel cam.

    • haha palm size firefly lol! Nice way to put it!

      Hmm will be hard cos the point and shoot camera won’t be able to focus selectively. When in very dark places the auto focus won’t work.

  2. All the photos look ok. For the moon + rasberyl shots, you should use tripod and try long exposure and reduce the lights on Rasberyl a bit. Try it 😀

    • Ah if i show you the place you will know why I can’t use my tripod there haha ^^;;

      My exposure is about 4secs for that shot with only the ambient light. hmm i see how i can do it again with longer exposure.

  3. IMO all the shots are good… from my experience, as the photographer we hardly feel satisfied about our result… we only noticed that it’s actually quite good when somebody else look at it and tell us so….

  4. You seem to be fond of taking pictures of shadows. ^^ On the 4th photo, it kinda reminds me of your pics of Ein, that blue bat from your previous posts which I really like.

    • Haha well that will soon change! I plan to take my figures outdoors more often. Probably due to my work schedule I can hardly see the light!

      You seem to like blue bat a lot don’t ya 😛

  5. the pics are not terrible as you may think, I tend to look at it on a different perspective and it gives new depth on the image. cant find a proper word for it though

    • Heh thanks for the encouragement man. I think the only one that I really wished i took better was the one with the moon. Need to find those gorilla pods or something else!

      • yeah I agree… the gorilla pods price varies on how long he is.. lets just say a bit cheaper than those EW Gunpla kits

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