Tamashi Stage Act 4 Review

Not being happy with my current nendoroid stands, I went in search of new stands at China Square Central. When I saw this Tamashi Stage Act 4 stand for a sweet price of SGD$22, I quickly grab one!

First up the contents. It actually contains 2 types of stands (Flexible & straight), 3 bases and 3 different connectors. First, I’ll test the straight stand.

The plastic is molded in clear color( a big plus for photography!) and I am able to adjust the height accordingly to what I require. Now for the first test let us see if it can hold a Nendoroid by itself.

My nendoroid Saber kindly volunteered herself for this little dangerous experiment ^^. She is very happy to be flying mid air haha!! The clip itself fits nicely around the waist of Saber. However it prevents the arms from moving down though. But I am happy that I can now do mid air poses ^^.

Another quick shot ^^

Next is the flexible stand. Also as you notice, the base can be combine together.  One thing I love about the flexible stand is that its able to turn at really nice angles for fighting or action scenes. And surprisingly it can hold up my Nendoroid Fate (Tako chan in my case ^^)

Her cape however prevents the clip from holding her. Instead I took her cape out first and then just lay it on top. Sadly this means for those Nendoroids with long hairs at the back, this stand won’t be able to fit them!

But the fun really begins when place your characters mid air for some crazy shots. Here is Saber and Fate having a little ‘exchange’ ^^;

Well I can already envision tons of new ways to work with this base! Though it is actually meant for figures like figmas or Kamen Riders, it actually works quite well with nendoroids! However it will only work for those without the hairs blocking the waist.

Well till the next post!


31 thoughts on “Tamashi Stage Act 4 Review

  1. Oh dude love the clip parts, Too bad theses thing are hard to find, and I have the same prob with BD above me as well.

    6th image “Clip fight, you gotta fight for yah life, Clip fight, you gotta fight with a clip”

    • With the clip parts you can do many fun things like sword throwing haha or rocket punches ^^ There was only a few left when i got this. Its so useful I have no doubt it will run out fast!!

    • Ah I don’ think it can hold an mg though… Mg would be even heavier than a nendo. Plus the mg waist will be too big!

    • I tried but the only one that works well with it was 0 gundam. For those with big back packs or wings at the back it won’t be able to fit!

  2. I only have one of the Nendo’s, but can see how these would be a great way to do some action scenes like you did.

    Very cool and looking forward to see more “stage’s”.

    • I think it will also work very will with this figma characters! But for those with a thick waist you might have to clip other parts instead. These stages are a lot of fun haha, you will definitely see more of them!

  3. I really need to get a couple of these for my GK poseable figures like Metis. The Figma stands just don’t cut it and the support arms are too short.

    The Tamashii stage arms are longer, right?

    • Ah yes they are slightly longer due to the extension connector ^^ I think this will fit your Metis really well!!

  4. ohoho, so this is the loot from yesterday
    very nice and helpful when it comes to posing figure I think, great choice 😀

    • Haha thanks man! I think it will work for your RD figures too ^^ Plus since it is clear its very good for photography!

    • Ah I don’t own SICs so can’t really advise you whether it might work on them. But Nendoroids are actually quite heavy. What I did to balance them is to have to bases connected instead of one. In that way its more stable.

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