Death Raiser in action ^^

Well as promised a short little video of my Death Raiser ^^ Enjoy!

Till the next post!


48 thoughts on “Death Raiser in action ^^

  1. Thanks for taking the time in this video. 🙂
    I want one!!! That’s great 🙂 I liiiiiike it. Grawwwwwaaaaa!!!!
    We can figure out better what it’s like in a video.

    Still Keroro did go down without effort LooooL

    • Nothing speaks better than a little action vid haha 😀 Not too sure whether it will fit in with your figures though lol ^^

      And yes poor keroro went down without a fight! lol!!!

    • Haha one word ouch!! The green frog is Keroro 😀 You definitely need to check out the anime…lots of gundam pardodies in it!

    • Haha that swinging from left to right…the slow lumbering lol….and kero’s impending doom….

      Keroro robot’s need some upgrade time 😀

    • He gets stomp left right and center 😀 kinda likes getting into trouble doesn’t he! Thanks!!! I’ll try to read up more on this video thingy…pretty new to me!!!

  2. *blasted with nostalgia* *w* Death Raser still has it after so many years!! The ability to move, that is. XD Very interesting movements too – love the flapping blade things haha!


    • Haha luckily the batteries were okay after all these months!!! Haha the lumbering movement is kinda cute though haha 😀

      Poor kero ^^

    • Haha well but he didn’t have a fighting chance haha!! That is an old classic zoid movement 😀 Even gundams can’t do what zoids can at the moment!!

  3. Death Raiser : Gao Gao!! Gaoo!!!
    Keroro : its…. its … its ALIVE!!!! Run for your life!!!!
    Kero-robo : ………………


    its not Koto kits right? Tomy? havent seen a while that kind of toys.. I see all Gundam and Nendos lolololol

    • Nope, if its koto and it rams itself into Kero Robo its will be the koto kit that breaks into pieces lol!!!

      Koto’s plastic quality can never match up to the original Takara Tomy zoid ^^

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