Arios GNHW/M Completed :D

Completed my Arios GNHW/M with a nice coat of flat top coat 😀 Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! I’ll just let the pictures do the talking ^^

Thanks for viewing!

Till the next post!


39 thoughts on “Arios GNHW/M Completed :D

    • No problem with the transformation ^^. Anyway I prefer it to be in robot mode rather than plane mode 😀 More cool that way!

        • this arios guy is the only one i have not gotten yet i got the 00raiser gn s3, cherdim gnhw and seravee gnhw (which dissapoints me actually because i thought seravee is included but whatever laa i will surely get arios last haha BANDAI the money blooooding company hahaha and TT hongli Sucks BANDAI is still way better=p

          • Oh I did get those but I haven’t build them as of this moment!! But the new up coming trans am set will have the Seraphim and Seravee together ^^. Well bandai have their ways to milk lol….just ask the guys here haha!!

            Bootlegs have their place for modding purposes haha but nothing beats the original 😀

    • thanks!!! I am going to leave it as white 😀 Don’t have the appropriate paint to match the orange 😀 Besides, I am trying for a minimal paint build so haha I just leave it as it is 😛

  1. Yay Shark-rios is completed. He looks great!! I see that you coloured the missiles in that backpack of his too. XD

    And very nice pictures!! I think you should take photos with a dark background like this more often – for suits on the more colourful side like Arios, it provides a really nice contrast. I really like the ‘slanted’ view of most of the photos too [not sure of the actual term ahaha], gives even standing pics a more dynamic feel.

    • Sharkrios lol nice name 😀 Maybe next time I’ll custom a shark decal and place it on the shoulder!! Thanks! By the way the missles are molded in color alreadyhaha ^^ (thank u bandai!!)

      Oh I took a lot of pictures…close to sixty of em ^^ and I did take a few straight on and not slanted but it felt boring so I changed it up and went for a slant look ^^ And you are right, black is really really good for bright colored kits like sharkrios!! Thanks for the compliments on the pictures you really made my day 😛

  2. That’s a lovely detail at the missile pods! You are quick chub, what wil be your next project?

    now this arios will fight space monsters and it can make sound like: SHUATSSSHHH!! ….. or HAAAAR!! and the eyes can glow 😀

    • Thank you!!! Hehe its the little stuff that makes all the difference! Considering my back log lol I need to be quick! Maybe make Arios fight ugly doll aliens haha or that old zoid of mine!!! ShuatTTTSSSSHHH!!!!

  3. Nice work man! it looks very neat! How do you apply the flat coat? does it require multiple coats or just one? and is it ok to spray over painted surfaces?
    Keep it up dude! 🙂

    • Thanks man!!! Oh I used a Mr Hobby lacquer flat spray, you can check out my MG Exia Wip/ Gp02 Wip for details on the spraying ^^. I coated about 2 mist coats first with about 5 minutes in between, followed by a thick coat at the end 😀 As this is a lacquer spray it can actually melt acrylic paint. So if you want to use this you will need to paint using lacquer so that the flat coat won’t attack the paint ^^

  4. I noticed irregularities on the orange part of the beam rifle… but other that that, it’s quite well done ^^ I especially like the missile pods. very nicely done. I’m assuming you detailed it yourself?

    question, what do you use for top coat? 🙂

    • Haha yes, that part i repainted me the first was worse!! But this will be the last time I’ll use gundam markers for such a large part! The missile pods are actually detailed by bandai already haha!!!I didn’t detail them, all I did was panel line to make it more obvious ^^

      Oh I use Mr Hobby Lacquer Flat. The same that I used for GP02 ^^

  5. SHARKrios is awesome!! great build XD, I kinda like it XD.. should have wait for GHW lol… or I just buy another and re-paint lolol…

    Great pic and pose as always.. the new fin is nice! lol

    awaits for you next project muahaha

    • I shall can him Ultrasharkrios lol ^^ Looks like ultra man and a shark to some haha!!! Well just get another one man haha or another nendo buahahah!!

      Thanks!!! Puts you in the mood for shark fin right haha.

      Hehe the next project will be a simple one ^^

  6. “Allelujah Haptism, Ultra-Shark-Arios… eh?” XD

    Nice but I feel that the bottom area is sorely lacking in mods. Since you modded the top area quite a bit, it makes rest of the lower half… err, plain looking. I guess.

  7. Haha you do have a point 😀 Need to balance things out with the top ^^ Thanks for the feedback! Will keep that in mind for the next wip!

  8. he looks so good with the flat coat, nice attention to detail with the painting. these shots are action packed! cool angles and poses plus the black background works well here ^^ now its time for Arios to fond some prey lol

    • Plays jaws music…….

      Looks at keroro…….

      Lol thanks man 😀 Flat coat really makes a lot of difference! I’ll use black background for future shots as both you and evangelisque mention it works so much better for bright colored gundams ^^

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