Seravee Gundam – Prebuild

Snap fitted my Seravee Gundam GNHW/B version, or heavy weapons version (I have a problem remembering that GNHW…) and just want to share with you some thoughts and mods that I have thought out for this kit. Usually I don’t plan out my mods and they are kinda like added in as I go along. Hopefully it will make my mods more organized!

First up, a comparison between the old and the new 😀

The above is my old handpainted Seravee. Below is the upgraded version. Now I really dig the new one, all the add on cannons and GN field generators really add more bulk to an already very bulky Seravee. In fact a hell lot more menacing. In total hes up the number to 8 cannons from his original six ^^.


Next identifying some seamlines on the main body…or plenty of them…

This seamline will be the hardest to remove as it sits nicely between the torso and hip. Will need some mods to facilitate painting…

Next one mobility mod to the cannon at the leg.


The seravee brings a very interesting concept of piggy bagging another gundam on the back ^^. Virtue brought to us a henshin armor castoff gimmick and here the Seraphim gimmick another of my favorite from the series 😀 As to how many Seraphims you can have on the back? Then check out this post ^^

First up seamlines….

Never expect the smallest kit to give me the biggest headache…

Also I’ll need to mod the neck, looks really weird by default…you can barely make out the face!

But a good thing is the Seraphim is one helluva articulate kit. Makes posing a breeze due to his thin frame 😀

Initially I wasn’t very keen on getting the Seraphim, but now having build the seraphim really no regrets 😀 Guess its my fetish for super posable 1/144 kits haha! But I discourage connecting the waist cannons to Seraphim, they have a tendency to drop out easily. Well these are my thoughts for the prebuild, and based on the feedback from my Arios looks like I got to balance out the detailing (Thanks Rndmstuff and H4mster for the feedback! Appreciate it!)

Till the next post!

37 thoughts on “Seravee Gundam – Prebuild

  1. I can’t for the life of me decide if I like Virtue or Seravee more. They’re both amazing in their own right. XD

    Looks like you have quite a decent amount of modding to do. All the best!! I still want a Virtue or Seravee kit..

    • Haha given a choice I prefer Seravee 😀 1 mech to immobilize enemy the enemy and the other to finish him ^^ 2 is better than one hehe. But I am still amaze at Virtue’s armor cast off ability 😀

      Well yes lots of mods but lets see how it goes!

  2. Coo… Even for a bulky unit, he sure can be quite articulated. Let alone Seravee… That little bag of joy might have the same super range of movements of 00 if not even more.

    I lol’ed at Z’s post. A multiarmed menace. XD

    Makes Goro of Mortal Kombat look like a sissy.

    • In fact seravee is quite articulated for the 1/144 version (the 1/100 version can’t even move the waist lol…though about being a better grade!!) But still gundam 00 can do a very nice split, but for the little one he isn’t able to. Haha but nonetheless his range of movement is very very dynamic due to his transformation gimmick 😀

      Haha goro!!! Man that 4 arm menace can’t compare to Serave G3!!!! Spam beam sabers!!!

  3. so can the Seraphim that come with Seravee transform? ive always been confused about that lol ^^;;; i really want that Gunmen… i mean Gundam 😀

    have fun with the seam lines! XD

    • Oh the default backpack for seravee is not transformable. You’ll need to buy the transformable seraphim separately!!! When i first bought the seravee I was quite disappointed that you have to get another seraphim to make it transformable!!!

      Gahmen ?? haha gurren laggann 😀

      Ps : the seamlines ain’t fun mate!!! *_*

  4. Is that Seraphim really good? I want to buy this one because it’s only 1000Y, but somewhat I feel hesitate.

    Oh, is Virtue also come with Seraphim or you bought Seraphim separately?

    • Seraphim is quite small. But by itself without the add on parts from the heavy weapon system for seravee I would say its not really worth it. (unless you are doing ver ed style that i have nothing to say lol!!)

      Oh you’ll have to get seraphim seperately I am afraid.

  5. Then I guess my flame had died down dramatically, since I find myself to have next to no time for gunpla recently, I really need to finish up my 0 Gundam.

    But as for your Seravee, I am looking forward to see what kind of mod you have in store.

  6. Ah your 0 gundam 😀 I remember you mention it was a gift for someone right ^^ That was an awesome work!

    Really hope you can pick up on your 0 gundam when you have the time again! Haha my mods will be simple mods but I’ll do my best 😀

  7. I kept off from buying any of the suits from 00 coz if I buy one I know I’m gonna buy the whole set! 😀 But the 1/144 Exia Repair looks really good and I might buy it. 😉

    • haha I know that feeling 😀 If you start one one….the rest will follow!! I have the exia repair but currently its just snap fit and in da box 😀 But it is way better than the Exia, articulation is better, no funny rubber parts.!! Get it!!

  8. Hrm, looks like you find no trouble with the feet of the Seraphim. I kinda don’t like it since it like to fall over due to its small feet sometimes (though I don’t hate the little guy… its a Gunmen… Gundam). XP

    Anywyays, it looks like you’re gonna be modding another HG 00… gonna do all the 4 main Gundams GNHW? O.O

    • It needs some balancing act to get the seraphim to stand ^^, otherwise just slap him on seravee’s back 😀 I love the articulation and its best to have him on a stand (or in fact most gundams look good with an action pose on a stand ^^)

      I intend to do all four ^^….might be useful for some intervention strategy for the figure wars haha!!

    • Lol I wish I have drossel’s spell book (a real live one!!!) then that might work!!

      Hehe thanks!! But hmm my mods are like nothing compared to yours…lol…

  9. So many seamlines…good luck on making it disappear man:D
    What I like about Seravee is that it have this wide and big armor, meaning there are lots of place to add panel lines 😀

    • Haha I wish I have a super welding device or something!!!

      You have a fancy for big armor type suits don’t ya 😀 I remember that solid panel line work you did for your Sazabi!!! Well wish me luck!

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