24 thoughts on “Gundam vs Gundam!!!

    • haha, I like how the small one squatted and evaded the big ones smash attack. Going headless can give you quite an advantage!!!

      Its like a david vs Goliath kind of match up haha !!

  1. LOL! Damn hilarious! Headless Rx-78- 2 still continue fighting without a head!
    Btw chubbs, how come i never see u commenting on my loot from JB post? U really heeded the warning? XD

  2. LMAO I remember this video. XDDDD I’m so amazed that the small one won. I like that it squatted down, got up and made its opponent topple over. I also like that the big one kind of freezes up before toppling over. |D;

    I should add this to my Youtube faves so that I can watch it when I’m bored. XDDD Nice video!!

    • Haha for the small RX78 he might probably say :

      I maybe small but I can sure kick ass (even without a head!! twice!!)

      The articulations for those 2 are crazy!!! Hehe I added to mine already!!!

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