A Quiet Afternoon….

Random photo shoot in the afternoon ^^ Just some quiet time with myself. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Well just a little quiet afternoon…feels so good just to spend some quiet time away from everything else 🙂

Till the next pose.

50 thoughts on “A Quiet Afternoon….

  1. Is it me or all five up scheme about something?…

    I liked the sepia shot of Saber lily (sepia1.jpg), the lighting is just… good. Too good.

    *looks outside*
    Darn gloomy weather…. -_-

  2. Haha nah they are not up to anything at the moment 😀 Just some peace and quiet around the house. Thanks!! I took like 5 different shots and this one turned out the best!

    Haha it is about to rain at the time I am taking these phots ^^

  3. Whoa.. u got nendo drossel!??


    *struggles* arrrgghh!!!! *rolls around*

    btw… love the peek scene lol.. kawaii desu ne~~

    Shiny nendo drossel is shiny~

    Saber scene in sepia mode are the best 😀


    • Haha ya dude she is very shiny 😀 I am sure you will come up with a nice unboxing story hehe 🙂

      Thanks ^^ Drossel’s peeking at ya!! Now waiting for your Drossel to peek back ^^

      Chubbs Drossel : Hi big sis! (your figma drossel :D)

  4. @tsukinari: You still have not gotten your MG Exia IM yet???
    Man, they are sure taking forever……..
    I will resist the Nendo poison!!!!!! Coz i already got a list of items i want to buy…… Hehehehe! I am immune~

    • Haha actually I only wanted to take a photo of Saber in Sepia shots 😀 But then the other Nendo’s were looking at me haha so I took them as well ^^

      I haven’t had a day such as this in a very very long time. Very rare do I get a break such as this!!! I wish I had snow like your country!! Would have been even better if I can take photos of Saber looking out into the snow through the windows.

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