HGUC GP02 – Final Phase!!

Enter the last phase of my HGUC GP02 time for that a good dose of top coat and dry brush!!

Earlier on, I remembered some of you guys asking me how I top coat. I separate into a few major pieces for top coating. I won’t be masking the gold as I want an overall dull look (Okay thats just an excuse to be lazy lol!!)

I literally grab the GP02 by his erh…balls…

As for the distance this is about as far as I go for top coat and spray painting. I spray about 2 layers of coating at most. Usually I hold the piece with my hands and rotate it. But illustrative purposes I put it on the stand.

As for the legs I usually spray on this platform as they are too heaveyto be held up by the clips. Just rotate the base and spray.

Now christmas has decided to pay me an early visit…This is what we call frosting. I took the risk of spraying in a slightly wet weather after a morning shower. The ideal weather is bright and sunny which I am afraid is sorely lacking on a cold december…

To remove the frost simply give it another layer of top coat after letting that part dry for like 5 minutes.

Now the gun looks nice and flat, trust me it looks better in real life than reel life.

Some more close up shots of the Bazooka

To dry brush, first dip the brush in the chrome silver, then brush it over a piece of thick tissue paper.

Keep brushing on the paper till you get fainter brush strokes like these, then you are ready for dry brushing.

After dry brushing. What dry brushing does is it highlights the surfaces with the paint that it leaves on the edges. It is important that you have a matt surface for the paint to grip the edges to create this effect.

I also dry brush the thrusters.

Thrusters after dry brushing.

Also did it for the back pack ^^

Now for the fun part ^^ Putting everything together 😀

Well I’ll do his photoshoot during the weekends 😀 Yes finally completed something after so many WIPs lol!!

Till the next post!!!


50 thoughts on “HGUC GP02 – Final Phase!!

  1. Sadly there’s no flat topcoat to be found close to where I live. I think there’s one shop selling but it’s all the way about an hour’s drive which equals to expensive fuel used up @_@ I’ve always wanted to topcoat my gundam kits after seeing how Z’s models look like LOL ah well maybe next time if I ever go to that shop I’ll go and stock up like hell xD

    Anyway good job on your GP02! He looks awesome! *thumbs up*

    • Aww man its sucks to have to drive so far to get one. And to think that the fuel equals to a can….
      Topcoating really enhances the looks of the kit 😀 Get one whole big box and sell to your neighbourhood haha ^^ (business idea!!)

      Thanks!! Glad you like the GP02 build ^^ I made quite a fair bit of mistakes on the weathering, will try to improve on it next time.

  2. Does topcoating cause joints to become stiff? I’ve read a few instances of that happening, and I’m wondering if that’s natural. xDD; Topcoating a kit only for certain parts to not be able to move will really suck…

    The drybrushing creates a nice effect!! Looking forward to his photos shoot; this is one very awesome kit. XD

    • Hmm I top coated most of my works and I have never encountered such a problem before. Maybe that person coated too many layers haha 😀 At most I coat about 2 layers mist coat, that gets me a decent coverage and mileage on my top coat 😀

      Hehe you can try it out on your exia ^^ Thanks, will do me best of the photos!

  3. Although I don’t paint any of my GunPla but I love to Top Coat them all coz the color will look much nicer after the Top Coat process… I only love the Flat/Matte…. I hate gloss… hahahaha.. just a personal taste though…

    Chubby, do you know where is the best place to get die cast car models scale 1/18 – 1/24 – 1/43 ? Definately not Sunshine and CSC… you know any good place?

  4. lol GP02 wont be able to walk right for days after being grabbed down there XD man i love the effect that dry brushing gives! nice job now hes ready for some nuking action!

    i thought if you got frosting effect you had to sand it off and recoat… so just spraying a new coat after it drys solves that issue? that sound good.

    i will have to move topcoat up on my get list, since i have more kits now i really wanna try it out as well as dry brushing!

    • Haha ouch yes….haha…literally by the balls!!! Thanks! You definitely need to give it a try when you have the chance! It will make your gray parts very metallic looking. Can’t wait to debut him soon somewhere haha 😀

      Oh I did know you have to sand it off haha.. I have been dealing with this problem like that ever since. I think for that particular moment it rained for a while when I was doing the legs….then after that the sun came out..(talk about freaky weather!!!) and I did that recoat, good as new ^^

      Haha can’t wait to see what you can do with drybrushing! Up your modeling level!

  5. by the way, thanx to the beautiful banner you made for my link on the right side…. I am flattered and also envy you because you are so clever with Adobe Photoshop and able to create such a nice banner for me… my guess that is RX-78-2 Gundam’s head? am I correct?

    and sorry that I can only provide a text link which I labeled as “The Toy Room” in my blog…. but surely, I will always visit your blog from there…. its some kind of bookmark for me… hahahaha

    thanks a lot bro and merry christmas 2009

    • Haha thanks David ^^ Glad you like it! hehe that head belongs to your hazel ^^ But it does resemble RX78 come to think of it haha. I’ll be glad to redo another one if you want. Just send me the picture that you like to have as a banner, will be more than happy to! These weren’t done with photoshop, in fact done with a free software called photoscape. You got to try it, it is quite fun and easy to use 🙂

      The ‘Toy Room’ text is a very nice bookmark to click hehe ^^

      Have a merry christmas 2009 brother 😀

      Ps : Hopefully I can have a ‘quiet’ evening with my gf on christmas haha!

  6. Wow… Airbrushing and top-coating is something I would only dream of… Reason: no shop selling and I’m bad in using the airbrush…

    Gato: Fine and handsome unit. For the glory of Zeon. *nods in approvement*

    • Zieg Zeon! Man get some when you come SG next time 😀 You jegans will love you for that!!

      Gato : Fine suit indeed now I need some target practice!!! (Stares at the huge stash in my cupboard)
      Chubbs :NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      • Will do (if I ever re-apply my passport…). The Jegans WITH Sazabi and 00 Gundam.

        *Looks on at the bright and shiny explosion*
        Reminds me of Solomon base, UC 0083…
        Mabushi… @_@

  7. Nice one chub! I like the drybrush effect.
    Waiting for more photos ^^

    For the frost problem, mine cannot be fixed, I have tried to spray another layer, but still visible, dunno why……

    And for the weathering on its feet (the same one as the frost photo), I think you need to rub it again to conceal the pen strokes 🙂

    • haha man I knew you would spot that 😀 Yes I made a mistake on the black weathering, next time instead of using the marker I’ll be dry brushing with flat black instead! The markers somehow makes plenty of stroke marks that I cannot blend…

      Hmm try spraying a thicker layer and then use a hairdryer to blow that part. The heat should help you to get rid of the frost.

      Well gonna use this method again on the Jegan and Hygogg 😀 and the big friendly green mech haha ^^

  8. Nice one! I used to use Mr. Super Clear Flat before I got my airbrush, failed badly, seems that I not really good handling spray can lol… luckily I tested on my bootleg kit which I accidentally bought coz of the price tag >_<;; now that I have my airbrush.. I topcoat with it and im satisfied with the result.. like I used on my recent HG 00 Gundam Custom ^^, I topcoat it parts by parts, usually after I paint all the parts.. Dunno if my step is okay..

    Drybrushing surely make the parts reveal more volume details, Awesome trick there ^^ what brush size did u use? I might try it on next project huhu..

    • Heh thanks Lyli. Haha I thought you weren’t into Gundam ^^. They do take quite a lot of work to make them right! Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll keep experimenting haha!!

  9. I hate frosting too! It kinda wrecked up the mood too (you know how excited we get when the kit is almost finished right 😆 )

    Awesome build with a minimal paints! looking forward for his special photoshoot 😀

    • Haha yep ^^ I know that feeling!! The excitement of putting everything together! But since its christmas mood maybe a little frosting would hurt haha!!

      Thanks!!! Haha hope I won’t disappoint you in his photoshoot 😀

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