Sd Sangokuden Ryubi Vs Darksousou Part 2!!!

Will Ryubi and Sousou be able to survive the impending Ugly Doll onslaught? Things are looking bleak…

Ryubi : What is this green fog…I feel so weak..

Sousou : Damn spell casters….if only Shiba was here…

Raspberyl : Ah…the joy of an impending kill…I am so enjoying this!!

Ugly doll : Brains….

Ugly : Eyes….oooooo

Sousou : So this is the end of the road…

Ryubi : Don’t give up, there is always hope no matter how bleak it looks..

Sousou : Hmph…hope…what hope is there for us now..

Ugly dolls : GRAAHH…

Raspberyl : Kill em!!!!!

Raspberyl : Ahhhhhh!!!

Raspberyl : Awww.. my NOSE!!!

Sousou : Ryubi look!! The fog is gone and…

Ryubi : Who is that?

Unknown figure : When there is..

Unknown : darkness…

Unknown figure : there is always light!

Raspberyl : You will pay dearly for hurting my pretty nose! Get her!!

Unknown Figure : Hmph!!

Unknown : Illusion!!!

Unknown figure : Slash!!!

Ugly dolls : Urgh!!!!

Unknown figure : So who is next!!

Raspberyl : Retreat!!!!!

Raspberyl : You have not seen the last of me!!! You are so going to regret ever standing up to me!!

Sousou : I got to admit, for short legs they do run pretty fast….

Sousou : And Miss that was some pretty sweet moves you got there

Ryubi : And thank you miss…

Saber: My name is Saber, that is all you need to know for now…


69 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden Ryubi Vs Darksousou Part 2!!!

  1. Damn you and your pro editing skills! LOL xD I’m sure if you used photoshop and practiced, you’d have imba effects. Just look at how you’re using photoscape! Awesome stuff man! *thumbs up*

    And you got another nendo!?!? T.T” I think I’m saving up for another perfect grade instead of a couple of nendos hahahahah or maybe an hdtv o.O xD

    • Heheh thanks!! Just nice I was sick and on MC…so I could do all these last night!!! My brother has just gotten an old version of photoshop so I might give it a go πŸ˜€ But then there is always photoscape!!! hmm maybe I’ll write on adding effects with photoscape or something πŸ˜€ (ohh another guide in the making hehe!!)

      Yep my fourth!!!! And this will be the last one already as I have one for each fraction πŸ˜€ Another HDTV or PG will be great hehe ^^ don’t start on nendo’s please once you get one…you will start to think of the next!!!

  2. Hohoho~! A nendo Saber Lily~! This is going to be a four-sided warzone…

    Wait… That means… Each of the… will be a… Yes…I can see where all of this is going and I like it. :b


    • Yes!! It will be a big all out fight fest…and as to why the Nendos are waging an all out war against each faction that will be another story ^^ Still figuring out the details which are at this point sketchy!! By the way want to ask ya any good sites to recommend for using, they had this layer function but I am not too sure how to use them. ^^ Onegaishimasu Bd77 Sensei!!

      • Ah, the layer function. Very handy and I can’t lived without it.

        Right, tutorial site:

        But… A word of caution regarding layers:
        One layer is the same size as your document dimensions, so, if you’ve drawn, lets say a beam, the whole beam layer is big even for a small beam.

        Unlike Photoshop or Gimp (open source, free), each layer is the same size as the object that you’ve drawn.

        There is another freeware that has layer, try this:

  3. The green effect is quite nice but as i read more quite hard to get some details in the photos. THe lily saber effect is good.

    I cracked at “Sousou : I got to admit, for short legs they do run pretty fast….”

    well done.

    • Oh I actually put a bit of fogging effect to make it misty πŸ˜€ Probably thats why its hard to make out the details. Want that ominous feeling ^^
      Thanks!!! I had a hard time getting the Saber effect right!

      Glad you like the story plus the small humor lol ^^


    I really liked her introduction. XDD Oh man, she’s so adorable, grats in getting her!!! ❀

    • Lol haven’t been able to recreate that scene yet!! Now watching fate stay night anime to get her back story ^^ I’ll be giving her a very big target to destory instead haha…raspberyl is too cute to be destroyed πŸ™‚

    • I know it belongs to archers ^^…but still it will be cool though if she can pull it off!
      Nah she just likes looking but I love playing with them!

    • I swore my table cracked a bit during that fight lol..don’t worries I have one huge table for this nendo wars on standby (courtesy of my uncle. ^^)

  5. OMG.. you really got saber.. nice get!! haha and a heroic entrance! ^^ so cool… hahaha. and i see more pple playing ard with image editors alr.. means more nice photos coming! haha. cant wait to see your Romance of 4 Kingdoms. XD

    • Hehe fadil and moemoekyun started editing their photos already!!!

      That scabbard throwing is inspired by Setusna πŸ˜€ Spam dagger throws! Glad you love that entrance scene! I took quite a fair bit of time to get the angles right for that shot. Hmm romance of the 4 kingdoms, figure wars ^^ I better put a poll for the offical story header!!

      Image editing is so fun, plus check out Bd77s links that he gave to me, they are really good!

  6. Oh Em Gee!! what a surprise turn of events with… Saber Lily!!!! loved her entrance, the illusion then slash was epic! top notch story telling and effects again πŸ˜€ brilliant!!!!!!

  7. haha I wanted her to save the day as her debut πŸ˜€ I just love the swords that come with her nendoroid set!! Thanks for the encouragement, will work on even better stories (plus more AES syndrome type pictures buahha)

    but it would be even better if I had Saber Lion…she is so much more adorable ^^. I saw Nagi and Saber but guess i prefer swords more!!

    Oh by the way just to check with you, I saw that drossel’s arm pegs break easily in quite a number of post from other blogs, is your facing the same thing after so many poses?

    • you did a great job, Saber saving the day is very like her ^^ keep it up and ill keep an eye on your progressing AES Lol!

      my drossel’s arm pegs have been fine. i seen a lot of that too, the main reasons are either they came poorly molded or they came stuck and the owner used too much force to try and loosen them causing it to snap. (gotta use warm water or blow dryer if stuck)

      the joints them self “look” fragile, i think the material is different as its the only white joints she has. so maybe they are a bit weaker but im not sure ^^;

      • Haha man, you better get ready that antidote that you mentioned about!!! I did not watch fate stay night but I just gotten the DVD so i’ll update myself this weekend with it ^^ She looks every inch the hero!

        Oh so thats how you manage to get by the drossel problem!! Thanks for the info just in case next time I might encounter that problem haha…(poison level 95%%%%)

  8. Ohohohoho, cool heroic debut for saber lily.
    I am surprised that Saber actually knows how to use kaiten kenbu illusion, she can also use kodachi nitoryu since she got caliburn and excalibur ^_^

    You sick? How you feeling now?

    • Haha to be honest the only illusion techniques that I know of are Kage bushin justu and Sexy no justu lol!! Sorry for my lack of anime knowledge ^^ I am also starting to watch fate stay night as I want to know more about saber’s story πŸ˜€ Archer is bloody cool! (unlimited blade works!!!)

      Ah slowly recovering at the moment but feeling a lot better! Thanks dude πŸ˜€

      • LOL, kaiten kenbu and kodachi nitoryu are from rurouni kenshin.
        It’s the first anime that really made me love anime, and got me into this anime related kind of stuff. Too bad there is no remake or new movie or rebuild of rurouni kenshin….

        • Ah lol…thought they were from fate stay night lol…pardon my anime noobness!!

          That reminds me, my first anime that drew me to the mecha genre was transformers (american version :D)…can still remember the opening tune lol! The first Japanese animation that I saw was Macross ^^. I did saw Ruroni Kenshin, but bit and pieces here when my brothers are watching it πŸ˜€ Have you seen this other anime called Karas…lots of sword fighting stuff!!

          • Yes, Karas is very nice
            I hope other tatsunoko series also got the same treatment. I would love to see polimar to be as cool as karas ^_^
            Oh, and they say gatchaman CG movie is scheduled for next year release. Tatsunoko is revived ^)^

  9. Good job bro! i really enjoy the story, is it got part 3? haha..

    do you have nendoroid yoko? should add her in πŸ˜‰ at the moment i have yoko and saber, waiting for k-on nendoroid release XD

    by the way i have brought the otacool book, thanks for helping me checking at the kinokuniya book store.

    • Haha man looks I better start making part3!!! Nah this will end at 2 only for the time being πŸ˜€

      Ah I wished I could get her…but can’t seem to find it anywhere locally!!! She will definitely be a must buy for my growing collection buahaha!! haha another k-on fan!

      No problem brother ^^ Thats what the community is for!

    • Heh thanks!! Glad you like the story and the effects! I saw your site, you have even more wonderful stories than me πŸ™‚ Raspberyl is one of my favorites πŸ˜€

  10. It’s soooooo nice. Thank you. πŸ˜€
    I really enjoy the special effects you create. I’m nowhere with photoshop…. I only know how to put a border, my signature and one or two other things. I even don’t know how to use layers. :X

    • Oh these effects were done with photoscape πŸ˜€ its a free software which you might want to give a shot at ^^. My photo shooting skills still require a lot of practicing so I am making them up with effects haha!

      You can check up with Bd77’s site ^^. He has quite a few good links on free photo editing software…but seriously with your camera skills I don’t think you need to edit anything!

  11. I really loves the effects that yu add to the photos! I always see Nendo Lily as the hero, I guess she has this hero charisma with her….does she comes with any “evil” expression?

    • Thanks!!! Haha she is all and all the hero figure ^^ But her current facial expressions don’t have any evil ones!!! But there is always photoscape which I can edit in hehe….if she decides to become dark lily!!

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