Smallest Angel Evar!!

Riannon spotted a little white angel in the Toy Room and they seem to hit it off right from the start!!

Riannon seems very happy…wonder who is this little white guy?

Hmm its has wings??

Wait a minute…isn’t this that mass produced Evagelion unit?! What is it doing here!!

This has got to be the smallest angel ever!!

Aww they like each other ^^

Well hehe this is just a short post of the day and in response to Ren’s mini Zaku haha 😀 (You are not the only one with mini figures!!!buhaha!!)  Still editing the photos for my Sangokuden Story 🙂 at this point and I also couldn’t help but did something to Ren’s pictures again haha!!! Note this is one pet you should never take home!!! (Original article here)





Godzilla!!! Roar!!!

Atomic Breath!!!! (Man wish I can do this to all my paperwork in the office!!!)

Well haha thats all for the night ^^

Till the next post!

26 thoughts on “Smallest Angel Evar!!

  1. omg where did you get that cute little Angel! there most be more available since its “mass produced” Lol now i gotta look around to see if i have any mini figures!

    woah crazy awesome Godzilla Atomic breath effects!!!! dont wanna be on the receiving end of that lol

  2. that little angel came with some Evagelion Gasaphon figures 😀 Its so tiny!!! Hehe wonder what you will come up with…

    Atomic Breath + (insert irritating item you wish to destroy) =
    Instant toast!!!

  3. I know that eva but forget where it came ??
    Riannon little fairy LOl 😀
    where is the part 2 I want to know your brand new character ^^;

    • Haha its from end of evangelion rebirth!!! The mass produce evas that ate asuka’s Eva2…lol…erh but not this little cute angel 😀 He wouldn’t even hurt a fly haha
      Riannon little fairy sounds nice ^^

      I finished editing part 2!!! Will post it soon!!

  4. I remeber poor asuka >_<
    I did saw In the store vinly monster from ultraman I still can't find
    Godzilla !!!
    wAiting for your post (your new character actually ^^:)

    • Hehe patience my friend 😀 Promise will be up by tonight!! (editing dialogue!!)

      Hard to find Godzilla figures…and even if i do their prices are crazy!!!

  5. That’s a nasty beam effect there (I sense a rivalry of beam power power XD).

    Riannon got herself an angel (a mass-production type)? More chaos ensues….

    • Haha!!! Maybe if get like 13 of them……toy room 3rd impactooooo!!!! Can’t imagine my ugly dolls getting merged into one consciousness…lol…all thinking about the same thing FOOD!!!

      She is like an angel so this little guy will be quite befitting of her 😀

  6. lol it is the EVA-05 from EVA Puchi series! 😀 If i’m not mistaken there is one whole set of angels selling in AFA Bandai booth.

    *Atomic Breath!!!!* Burn my office to ground muahahahahha

    • I got it as a little pet from the Eva Gakuen Series!!! I have Asuka, Rei and Shiji all in Chibi + school uniform!! Very nice set. I actually bought this mid year during the Singapore Toy Games and Convection!

      HAha that will be a very very nice target!!!!

  7. Even when it’s chibi, MP Eva looks freaky. XD Look at that grin, it’s surely plotting something…

    Riannon has a penchance for interesting friends!


    • Haha it does at a certain angle ^^ Maybe it might grow up to become the true devil it was meant to be haha…you might be on to something…

      Indeed she does!!! Considering she has Zoids as her friends!!

      Haha do you watch Godzilla too ?! 🙂

  8. ahhh.. so cute! haha.. we can have a mini skit for them! lolx. jkjk. tako wanted to buy these cuties at AFA too..but they boxed them all up to be sold as a dozen.. so it was too expensive alr.. glad you got them! haha.. so cuteeeee..

    and wah.. Gojira-san is sheding tears alr. really le. you shld be my post production editor alr. hahahahaha.. the pics turned out soooooo well!! loved it! =D and thanks for the referral.. ^^

    • Hehe that little angel is very cute. I think it should be about the same size as your mini zaku 😀 Should put them side by side for a nice meet up haha!!
      My brother did bought a few of these with me 😀 I’ll take some pictures and put them up next time ^^

      Gojira is my favourite Kaiju!!! Need to do some special stuff with him but the cotton breath is really a neat idea!!!

      Giving credits when they are due! Love your photos! Its the closest thing I can get to Gojira san ^^

  9. The angel is cute! I believe it’s from puchi eva isnt it.
    I got addicted watching puchi eva, the eps are short but funny and nicely animated.

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