If only my gundam can move like that…

I saw this really crazy video about a robot dancing….man if only my RX78-2 can move like that!!! Maybe you guys might have seen this but I think its a really awesome video. Talk about modding lol. Found it via this movie review site πŸ˜€ This is like 10 times better than a perfect grade lol. Imagine my gundams walking around in my room….

50 thoughts on “If only my gundam can move like that…

  1. Man this is awesome! How can the robot stand up after the perfect split position, Japan’s robotic is top notch.

    And talk aboout gundam, I think if you only build the inner frame, and not putting on the armors, it can move like that too. Chest armor, skirt, and backpack are usually blocking the movement

    • When I first saw this I was like what the?? Its amazing what the Japanese can come up with…I think very soon we might have our first working Zaku from them lol πŸ˜€ Sign me up!!!!

      Hmm you have a point about the armor. But to build the mechatronics behind the frames to enable such movements is crazy πŸ˜› Maybe throw in a T shirt and a cap over the frame haha.

    • Haha man, that will be a cool mod for our group build!!! Hip hop RX78 πŸ˜€ Yo yo!

      I think we will need a version 2.0 gundam to do this and a version 2.0 char zaku for the dance off!!

  2. I remember watching this on the news on TV, and that is amazing technology! I like that it can spin on its head and then get up again.

    Bandai’s building that 1/48 gunpla right? XD Maybe when this technology become cheaper years down the road, we might start seeing Gundam toys that can move. Either they’d come preassembled, or they’d come as a kit. For the latter, the wiring would pose a major challenge lmao…a Grade that’s higher than the Perfect Grade. Too bad I’m not creative enough to come up with my own names; Ultimate Grade doesn’t sound elegant enough. XD

    • This is indeed cutting edge tech! Don’t ever think I can get up from such split. The only gundam I know who can do a perfect split is gundam 00 ^^ (1/144 scale lol)

      I think you already received the first pre assembled part from Bandai in the form of your PG 00 Gn Drives. Maybe in the future the whole entire frame will come pre assembled and all you have to do is attach the batteries and fix the armor up. And that might be an entire new toy line! Kotobukiya has this series called frame arms where essentially the main frame is already preassembled. All you have to do is add the armor parts to it and customize to your liking πŸ˜€

      Ultimate Grade sounds good!

  3. The Gundams might break their fragile V-Fins if they attempt the head spinning action. XD
    Nonetheless, imagine if the Gundams can move on their own… they might show signs of unhappiness if you neglect them lol.

    • Haha that is why Zakus will definitely win this dance off πŸ˜€ Their round heads are much suitable for spinning action!

      Haha that is why leave them in perpertual work in progress when it comes to their weapons !!

    • The split alone is a killer…doubt I can ever get up from the first split!!! I think given the technology they might try it out for their PGs ^^

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