An interesting gift…

I got an interesting gift this month from my uncle. Remember the little girl I helped in making that master grade chicken for her school play? Her dad had this really old Olympus Camedia c5060 cameraΒ  which he had for about a couple of years and seeing the photo enthusiast in me, he gave his camera too me ^^. Well I initially had doubts about this old camera but the results turned out quite interesting….(all pictures after this are taken with the new camera :D)

Saber will be the subject for this mini test πŸ˜€ I set the camera to macro, white balance to indoor settings aperture priority.

I love how the overall textures come out…so much different from my current digital cam!

Another quick look πŸ˜€

The one on the left my new camera, the one on the right with my current Digi cam. Man a world of difference!!

Someout door shots that I its really sharp and crisp!

Last shot of the sky πŸ˜€

Well this is quite a interesting gift and experiment. Despite being an old model, my uncle’s camera (only 5.1 megapixels!!!) easily beat my current Digicam. Though it is a bit bulky but looks like I’ll be using this for my future shots πŸ˜€ The digicam will still serve as my traveling companion though ^^ On a short note Bd77 also got a camera upgrade as well! Check out his new 4komas!!

Well that is all for this very short post! Till the next post!


30 thoughts on “An interesting gift…

    • I checked with my uncle…gwad its 8 years old!!!! This is a grand daddy camera lol. Thanks for that review link..looks like I need plenty of work to get this baby to its full potential!!

      Buhaha…poison level up!!! Come add a nendo to the Bd77 hoard!!

      Ps : My pleasure πŸ˜€

  1. what a nice gift, the pictures have a more natural tone to them with that cam. also now you got a cam that looks like the ones the pros carry around ^^ what a tricky way to get photography poisoned… by a free sample? haha

    btw what has become of those MG chicken legs lol

    • Lol nah the ones the pros carry are way better than what I have. Think mine is something in between as Bd77 pointed out! And yes I love the colors on the new cam and it looks like I’ll be enjoying my poison this weekend with photos haha!

      Oh as for the MG chickens they are stashed in the school’s props for future use πŸ˜€

  2. Yep ^^ I’ll try to use the new one as much as possible. Unless I get lazy haha i’ll switch to the digi cam instead πŸ˜€ Easier to get angles on my digi cam as it is smaller and lighter

    • Haha indeed it is a very beautiful gift (just nice for Christmas!)

      The differences are huge! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to take pictures as well as yours! Haha Saber is very cute πŸ˜€ By the way what camera are you using?

    • Haha oh my that is a very very good camera!!! (Looks sadly at my point and shoot…)

      Man I got to get my hands on such a lens one day! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. nice gift you got there!
    old camera have their own uniqueness in terms of result, something that you can’t even get with the current D-SLR cameras. Some of my friend who’s a photography enthusiast are hunting these old camera and lenses

    • Thanks!! Oh I thought with the current DSLR Camera’s you can get even better effects! But indeed some old stuffs are really better than the current gen ones. My dad is a radio enthusiast and he only collects those old audio equipment. After tuning they sound way better than current tech.

      Looks like I better start treasuring this camera even more!! πŸ˜€

  4. Chubby, it doesn’t matter even if this camera is just 5 MP and already 6 years old now…

    Most important is that it still can produce image with great quality (which is the most important thing about a camera).

    The bonus is you now have the creative mode on this camera =PASM, and thus you can play around with the Manual mode and the rest of it… the features that I would love to have is the “Optical real-image viewfinder” that this camera have…. must be great using that…

    Most of the modern digital camera is sometimes influenced by the “sales and marketing team” and not by the designer or engineer…. and thus they keep on pushing for more and more bigger Mega Pixel size 10MP, 12MP, 15MP and so on but the image quality probably is almost the same a the previous model as the CCD size is still not as big as those in DSLR….

    I my self just using the “super zoom digital camera” – Panasonic FZ28 and I am quite happy with it… although the maximum is 10MP but most of the times in fact, I just use 5MP size.

    Many times I considered upgrading to DSLR but then again I can’t afford to keep on spending for the expensive Macro lens and probably many other add ons. Yes, DSLR is great but I just can’t afford it…

    Sometimes we just need to appreciate and make the most of what we have rather than to keep on looking for more mega stuff.. .though that doesn’t mean that it is wrong to have a dream and ambition for better future.

    Just explore the full potential of this camera and make the best use of it… the Macro mode of this camera is quite great as you can take a close up photo as near as 1 inch… magnificent…

    Good luck…

    • i am still exploring all the different functions on this camera, I didn’t know it had PASM till you mentioned it!! And you are right about the megapixels being a sales gimmick, I read elsewhere that all you really need are 5mp to get a decent photo. In fact even before getting this camera I already had a wild time with my normal Digi cam haha πŸ˜€ Exploring different angles of taking photographs, different lighting, settings.

      And I did consider getting a new camera (SLR) but not DLSR though…price is definitely an issue and also the technicalities that come with it. Plus to get all the different lenses is a whole other matter together! (Also another budget issue..)

      Couldn’t agree with you more on appreciating what we already have on hand instead of seeking out for more. But I won’t rule out getting a higher end camera in the future once I feel the need too (and budget wise too haha!!! Hopefully my pay goes up even more then!!)

      Thanks for sharing all this πŸ˜€ Btw what is the difference if I view from the real image viewfinder vs the screen? Just curious cos I have been using the screen all this while.

      • “what is the difference if I view from the real image viewfinder vs the screen?”

        What I mean is that your camera have the LCD and also a small optical viewfinder.

        Your small viewfinder is using “optical stuff” while mine and many of the modern super zoom digicam use the electronic type… they call it Electronic View Finder..

        For most “advanced user” or “pro” they prefer to use the small viewfinder but for the rest of the normal or casual user, they just rather like to use the LCD screen (the modern camera have good resolution and bigger size)

        Electronic viewfinders (EVF) have some advantages over optical viewfinders but at the same time they have limitation and weaknesses also…. one notable thing is that EVF use as much battery power as the LCD did.

        Generally using the the small view finder basically u put the camera very close on your face (this reduce handshake effects) while using the LCD u basically composing your shots on arms length or something like that (and can cause more handshake)…

        Though that is just an opinion from a beginner… for further details, I think u can Google or Wikipedia around….

        • Man haha thanks for that clarification!! Learned a lot from your comment ^^. Hmm I never realize using the small view finder can reduce camera shake. That will be very useful for outdoor shots! But I’ll stick to the electronic view finder for my model shoots as I tend to put the camera in a weird angle where my head can’t possibly stick in haha.

          I’ll take note of this and looks like I’ll juggle between the two depending on situation. Thanks again for all this info David. πŸ˜›

          • congrats for the camera, my GF have one of that too :D. I often borrowed the cam before I switch to LX-3.

            just my 2 cents, it is not the viewfinder that help u reduce camera shake, it is the posture. Holding a cam with the SLR pose will help (both arm have to stick to body, right hand press the button and left hand bold the camera from bottom / lens).

            The best way to reduce camera shake is to ensure good lighting and speed up the shutter speed (1/60 and above will be great).

            • Cool πŸ˜€ haha my current camera is also borrowed from my GF ^^ Hi five dude.

              And yes you are right, its the posture. As the using the view finder puts the camera close to the face, which is a stable position will definitely help to reduce camera shake! But what I didn’t know is good lighting can reduce camera shake lol! No wonder day time shots are so much sharper!

              Haha you seem quite the photo enthusiast! Now I know who to look for for photography tips ^^

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