Sd Sangokuden special gift?!

I dropped by Hobby Arts today hoping to grab a HGUC Unicorn but sadly it didn’t arrive yet but there are always SDs and this time round it comes with some special gifts. On the left Sonken Gundam and on the right the new Gundam F91 ^^. And interesting thing is that something extra came along with this buy.

For those who asked me before what was the special premium inside the box. Its a gundam pin 😀 Probably will give this to my niece if she behaves lol!

A special display stand 😀

You can use it as a chariot. (Soldiers not included :D)

You can interesting arrangements lol…mini diorama anyone?

Instructions page 1

Instructions page 2. Cool now I can have a tower!

A closer look at the base. Simple details. Can’t ask much when its free lol 😀

For those who are interested in this, all you have to do is buy any 2 SDs from HAG and you’ll get this. I heard that they will release a different base color every month. Maybe with the year end Sangokudens coming out this will be so useful 😀

Till the next post!

36 thoughts on “Sd Sangokuden special gift?!

    • Haha not really, I bought those 2 for keeping 😀 Will be doing them anytime soon as I want to finish my Taisichi Dom and Astray first 😀 Those 2 are way long over due.

  1. nice gets, free display stands are always welcomed. i kinda want the HGUC Unicorn too even though i said i wasnt a fan of the design… maybe its growing on me. need to get some HGUC kits but im finding it hard to break from the MG’s i just like the scale and detail on em to much ^^;

    • Initially I wanted nothing to do with unicorn but the reviews I have seen of japanese sites and Ngee khiong are kinda growing on me! Trust me you will love HGUCs series 😀 They are fairly detailed and the HGUC Sazabi, Hi Nu are a lot better than their MG counter parts (plus they barely have seamlines!)

      • Sign me up!!! Haha it will be with me today at 6 pm 😀 Gonna collect it later! Hope i don’t open the box…so tempted to start on it and leave my other wips to the dust….thats a problem of mine always jumping to what I fancy at the moment!

  2. Do want !!
    kinda nostalgic my first gundam were SD musha(first generation) when I was 8 years old.
    Im looking for HGUC unicorn too but I have the MG ,so I already order the dengeki hobby with unicorn stand but the MG unicorn won’t fit with that >_<

    • They need one helluva a paint job 😀 But I love their gimmicks! But trying to do a totem with them hmm….

      Argh maybe I’ll DIY and make my own stands! Mcguyver time!

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